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August 15th, 2008

Remember That Guy Who Dressed Up As Elmo At The Mad Decent Block Party A Couple Months Back? He’s Now A Vice “Do”

So in case you were wondering, yes, you should be dressing as a Sesame Street character when you go to parties. This according to Vice anyway, whose “Dos and Don’ts” has seriously taken a quality dive since Vice co-founder and noted racist shitbag Gavin McInnes left the magazine, no longer overseeing “Dos and Don’ts,” which was the only thing he’d been allowed to touch at the mag after it found mainstream success and he started scaring potential new money away with his outlandish views and hijinx.

Personal anecdote time! Three years ago I’m in Austin, Tex, for SXSW alongside the rest of the world. I’m at a label showcase and Gavin McInnes is there dressed like Wayne Coyne in a seersucker suit complete with old timey pocket watch. He also has a mustache that’s curled on the sides as kind of an explanation point to irony. You can tell right away that McInnes is really into challenging people, jerking off the air with his hand anytime someone talks about this or that band they saw at this or that time that they really enjoyed during the week. He likes to argue. Thrives on it. No bigs, tons of guys like that. But then conversation turns to R. Kelly. Someone in the group says, quite rightly, that the R&B singer is a “genius.”

McInnes loses his mind, starts dropping the N-bomb like it’s going out of style. “That dumb N-word can’t even fuckin’ read!,” he says, face full of disdain. Talk of Kells continues for a few minutes and McInnes drops the N-word about a half dozen more times to the point where I tell him to shut the fuck up and consider pounding him in his curly ’stache. “Ahhhh, don’t give me your white liberal guilt hangup bullshit!,” he says like he’s rehearsed it, obvious to all of us he’s had this kinda run in a few hundred times. Was McInnes challenging the liberal white privileged hipsterati his magazine helped create? Was he, in his own version of The Aristocrats, seeing exactly how far he could push the boundaries of decency? Not sure. I think he was just being a grade-A asshat.

Anyway, again, Elmo is a Vice “Do.” [Viceland]

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  2. By steven Wells on Aug 15, 2008

    You should have punched him. Really hard on the nose. And then like stamped one of his knees really hard with all your weight. And then kicked him in the face repeatedly as he lay on the floor screaming. It wouldn’t have been assault because you’d have been doing it ironically.

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