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September 18th, 2008

New Remix, “Swag Like Philly”

Gillie the Kid (pictured), Ms Jade and Joey Jihad take turns rapping over “Swagger Like Us,” a song on both T.I. and Jay Z’s new albums, both out soon. You can hear the original track at Kanye’s blog, and then listen to “Swag Like Philly” by clicking this little speaker right here —>“Swag Like Philly”. Yuh!

Via fiftyonefiftyone and PhillyShit

In other Philly hip-hop news, last Thursday ?uestlove joined NYC’s Taste Crew for an Obama fundraiser at a douchey-sounding place in New York called Sutra Lounge. The event raised nearly $6,000. Pictures of the night can be found on TasteNYC’s Flickr here.

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