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October 7th, 2008

Make Major News: Are We Not Men Edition

So we got the Boss, Detroit and Miami got Jay-Z and now Akron, Ohio, is getting hometown heroes Devo to pump up their get out the vote effort. Damn. Saturday’s acoustic set by Springsteen was nice and all, but this is certified bonkers level awesome. The performance will benefit for the Summit County Democratic Party. Tickets go on sale Today at 11:00 a.m. As you well know, Ohio’s a huge battleground state. Here’s hoping Devo can help put Obama over the top so the country doesn’t, um, devolve. [Done Waiting]
*Despite some people’s laments HBO’s Entourage has been picked up for a sixth season. Say it with me. Ben-ji. Ben-ji. [EW]
*Minimal techno is dying. Do you care? [Guardian U.K.]
*Fashionistas, do you mind explaining to me what the hell Killers singer Brandon Flowers was wearing on Saturday Night Live a couple days ago? Thanks. [YouTube]
*EMI, like most in the music business these days, is looking for new revenue streams in the wake of slumping sales. So they’re licensing lyrics for clothing lines. [Wired]

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