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January 20th, 2009

Not Fond Of The New Boss Or The Old Boss

In an effort to not-so-subtly shit on Obama’s inauguration festivities, columnist David Hogberg over at very conservative rag The American Spectator offers his take on Sunday’s concert on the National Mall in D.C., in the process bashing headliner Bruce Springsteen:

My girlfriend insisted that we attend at least one big inaugural function in Washington, D.C. so we could witness history. Since I planned on being at work the day of the inauguration, that left the “We Are One” concert on the National Mall honoring President-elect Barack Obama and headlined by Bruce Springsteen. Thus, on early Sunday afternoon I was off to stand around in the cold, listen to an over-the-hill singer who hasn’t had a good album in two decades, surrounded by a big crowd of liberals. Seemed like the place to be.

On the way to the concert, I was struck by the number of street vendors selling Obama paraphernalia. Thinking I was being clever, I approached one who was selling t-shirts and asked, “Is that in the spirit of the day? I mean shouldn’t we be sharing, and about change, and giving them away?”

“Yeah,” he replied, “you wanna free shirt?”

Street vendor: 1, me: 0.

I tried to boost my pride as I walked away with my girlfriend by joking, “That’s why I like to see at a big lefty gathering, capitalism!”

My girlfriend: “Oh, shut up.”

Sounds like his girlfriend has some good sense, anyway. Hogberg at least gives Obama credit for “his ability to inspire,” but naturally concludes that ” If, as I fear, his economic stimulus package actually worsens the economy, the great edifice of hope Obama has constructed will come crashing down. And that may be something that even the most inspirational rhetoric cannot overcome.”

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  2. By Erica on Jan 20, 2009

    Bruce should always employ a gospel choir when he performs “The Rising.” They drown out the suck.

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