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February 5th, 2009

Rock Urine Freedom Month!

Steven Wells. “Let’s declare March 2009 Rock Urine Freedom Month.” GENIUS!

“Last month, at a Metallica concert in Boston, off-duty police officer Joseph Houston allegedly
urinated into a nearby seat and on to a fan. Houston was ejected from
the concert and now faces a disciplinary hearing…

“When did rock music get so freaking My Little Pony-fied that taking a
leak in your seat – a seat that you’ve paid for – became such a
terrible no-no? We need to maintain standards of brute manliness at
rock concerts. Particularly metal concerts. Bringing in the effete,
dainty and petty etiquette of the Victorian high-tea party is absurd,
bordering on obscene. What’s next? Frilly parasols? Crustless cucumber
sandwiches? Will they make AC/DC’s Angus Young swap his schoolboy cap
for a lacey bonnet?”

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