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February 6th, 2009

Today In Philadelphia Music Landmarks: Hall & Oates’ Apartment

This modest but well-maintained row-home at 406 S. Quince St. — a quaint, out-of-the-way street in Center City — once housed the most successful musicians ever to hail from Philadelphia. After famously meeting in a service elevator at Temple’s Adelphi Ballroom in 1967 while escaping a gang fight, Daryl Hall and John Oates quickly became friends and musical partners, and eventually shared an apartment here on Quince Street.

Some of their earliest musical collaborations occurred here, although the duo had left Philly for New York City by the time their first album, 1972’s Whole Oats (featuring the track “Fall in Philadelphia”) came out.

“If I ever had a home [in Philadelphia], it was on Quince Street,” Hall told the Temple News last year.

All photos by Michael Alan Goldberg.

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