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March 20th, 2009

SXSW: Philadelphia Freeway Burns Austin To The Ground

Freeway Shout Out from Make Major Moves on Vimeo.

Freeway is planning a release on Minneapolis hip-hop label Rhymesayers with producer Jake One. The Stimulus Package will be out this August, and to get fans of the label hype Free stopped by the outdoor stage at Habana Bar Backyard for a rousing 30 minute set that included as-yet unheard tracks from Stimulus, classic cuts and songs his new-ish album, Free At Last. Throughout the night he said it was an honor to be working with “Rhymeslayers,” (never mentioned if he meant to butcher the label’s name) and he was joined on stage for two tracks by Rhymesayers resident albino Muslim Brother Ali. The crowd threw their Rocafella diamonds up dutifully when commanded, and lost its collective mind for the show’s last song, “What We Do.” Thanks to Brother Ali and Freeway for the kind unexpected shoutouts above and below.

Freeway from Make Major Moves on Vimeo.

Freeway featuring Brother Ali from Make Major Moves on Vimeo.

Brother Ali Shout Out from Make Major Moves on Vimeo.

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