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April 14th, 2009

Music Mythbusters: Stevie Nicks Cocaine Up The Ass Edition

So Fleetwood Mac is coming back to Philly tomorrow night — the veteran English/American band plays the Wachovia Center (Where else?! They still move maaaad tickets). Which makes this a fine time to unearth that old Stevie Nicks myth/urban legend. You know the one. It’s as enduring, particularly around these parts, as that rumor about Jerry Penacoli and small rodents. Anyway:

The myth: Back in the ’70s and/or ’80s, Stevie Nicks allegedly did so much cocaine that not only did she develop a tolerance to it, but it put a huge hole in her nose, and so she had to have a roadie blow cocaine up her ass with a straw.

Believable?: Sure. It’s hard to imagine that cocaine taken rectally would give one the same effect as when it’s taken the traditional way, but I’m no doctor. Still, the rock ‘n roll highway is littered with tales of excess, depravity, and otherwise disgusting shit (see: Motley Crue’s The Dirt), so why not? I’ve seen The Bad Lieutenant — when you gotta get that fix, you’ll do just about anything. Besides, there was a time when Stevie Nicks was pretty damn hot, and we can imagine there were loads of people lining up to blow all sorts of things up her ass (not that she necessarily obliged any of them, we’re just sayin’…). Who knows? If she did it, maybe she did it to make Lindsey Buckingham jealous, although he was probably too busy gobbling up his own pile of coke to notice or care. Also, isn’t Stevie Nicks a witch? Maybe cocaine up the ass is some sorta crazy witches’ thing. Eh, that’s probably a myth for another day.

The truth?: We’ll never know for sure, but Stevie Nicks has flat-out denied it. Here’s what she told Britain’s Q magazine: “You know, I heard that [myth] too,” she snaps. “But of course that never, ever happened. That is an absurd statement. It’s not true. Maybe that nasty rumour came from the fact that people knew I had such a big hole in my nose, which of course didn’t stop me from doing cocaine one little bit. The hole in my nose is this big,” she says, sketching a diagram of her face with a circular hole at the right side of her nose, not much smaller than an eye. “I have very delicate tissue, so it ate away my nose. It’s so painful. I curse the day I ever did cocaine. Nothing really works right in my head now.”

Final verdict: Inconclusive. We’d like to believe the story is true, and if it is, it wouldn’t really shock us. But our gut tells us it’s false. Unless there’s an old roadie out there who can confirm the tale, ideally with photos. If so, contact us! There’s a Stevie Nicks “Rooms on Fire” cassingle in it for you!

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  1. 10 Responses to “Music Mythbusters: Stevie Nicks Cocaine Up The Ass Edition”

  2. By Sheena Ferraa on Nov 22, 2009

    She may have had her day in the sun and a hall of fame legendary career, But, she can’t totally tell the truth to save her soul-no cell phone or computer dissin on Brit- She is another image- carried by real talent that surrounded her-She has had nips and tucks now we know thats a lie saying she didn’t- You’re into witchcraft that’s the theme in many songs-occult messages- you can’t play both side and be real

  3. By Ann on Mar 21, 2010

    Have to agree with you “some”, Sheena. What I’m agreeing with is where you say “she can’t totally tell the truth”. But I agree with you for different reasons. As a recovering addict myself (not cocaine) there is no way she could’ve done so much coke to damage her body so bad, and be able to flatly deny the Mythbusters. How would she remember if it happened or not? She wouldn’t. Marilyn Monroe used barbiturate enemas on a regular basis.

  4. By Susi on Jun 10, 2011

    Okay the two comments above are idiotic. Sorry, but it’s true. For a start, Stevie Nicks is one of the most respected women in the music industry. She’s a talented song-writer and musician so I hardly think she was carried along by others! The second comment makes no sense.

    Anyway, I have no idea as to the truth of this particular myth, but it doesn’t sound completely off the charts to me. And putting drugs up your arse is pretty common and apparently very effective. It is generally called “Shafting”. A lot of people do it with ecstasy so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they did it with cocaine too. There are a lot of blood vessels in your arse so the drugs would get into your blood stream really quickly (taking ecstasy this way supposedly makes it come on quicker, longer and stronger).

    If it IS true then of course she would deny it! How humiliating! However, who would know…

    That’s my 2 cents!

  5. By scottyray 1970 on Sep 20, 2011

    True. Just heard this story from a coworker who was reunited with his buddy that used to be a fleetwood mac roadie. This is absolutely 100 percent true. Of course she denies it. who would admit to having coke blown up thier ass? Anyway, i would have lined up any day to have that job!!!

  6. By criss on Oct 27, 2011

    stop hating on stevie. she has lots and lots of money so who cares what anyone says or thinks. She still rockin and selling albums and selling out shows. you go stevie. who has the last laugh. ha ha ha

  7. By Cleetus on Dec 18, 2011

    “Stevie Nicks is one of the most respected women in the music industry.”


  8. By asdfsad on May 27, 2012

    She and every other muscian actually never did drugs. It all a scheme of sorts.

  9. By Carl on Sep 7, 2012

    What a woman! What a voice! She’s contributed to some of the best songs ever recorded! I hope this rumour is true, so I choose to believe it! I mean Iggy, Keith Moon and Ozzy are perfect examples of men who’s careers get boosts from reputations and myth likes these, women should get equal ‘rock n roll-cred’ for tricks like these as men! When it comes to coke up the ass I prefer to picture a woman receiving it…

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