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June 18th, 2009

“Brian McManus…Was So Excited To Meet Me He Almost Came In His Pants”

It’s funny. A lot of people are emailing me this week saying, “Brian, we had no idea you were so fantastic looking.” They’re referring, of course, to the picture that ran in my column this week, wherein I am posing Kade-style with Arthur Kade. Kade is a professional model. I am a music editor. So when I get emails saying, “You are better looking than Arthur Kade, who is a professional model” I just sit back in my chair and think how crazy that is, and how crazy my life as a sexy music editor who edits copy about music is.

I rule.

Now, about my column. Many people tell me that my column, Stereotypewriter, is the best column. They say this unprompted by me. I don’t even mention it, and I certainly never troll for compliments. They just offer them. That’s why it won Honorary Mention at this year’s Keystone Awards, the most prestigious journalism award the state of Pennsylvania offers.

People are engaged by the words I write.

This week, in my Honorable Mention-winning column, Stereotypewriter, which people love and compliment me on, I wrote about Arthur Kade, who people are telling me I’m much sexier than. Upon meeting him I was so excited I almost came in my pants. He tells the story on his own blog here, and then gives us a list of his favorite songs or something. His music tastes are amazing. And I know. Because I’m a music editor. Whose column gets read. And I’m sexy.

  1. 3 Responses to ““Brian McManus…Was So Excited To Meet Me He Almost Came In His Pants””

  2. By Michael Alan Goldberg on Jun 18, 2009

    That dude should start a Motorhead tribute band and call it MotorKade.

  3. By rum on Jun 18, 2009

    all you needed was one or two “amazings” and you would have nailed writing this blog entry in Kade Style. You killed it and you dominated! Now, go clean up your pants!

  4. By grace on Jun 23, 2009

    while i’m fairly sure satire is out of Kade’s realm, really well done. now if i could only locate that rare madonna import of ‘vogue’….

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