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January 6th, 2010

Khyber For Sale?

khyberGot an extra $245,000 laying around? Word on the street — based around this real estate listing — is that’s how much it would cost you to purchase Philly’s legendary Khyber (formerly Khyber Pass) bar and music venue, which appears to be for sale. If true, we certainly hope the eventual new owners don’t gut the place and turn it into another saddo “upscale” Old City cocktail bar with velvet ropes on the sidewalk and Jersey Shore Season Two hopefuls douching it up inside. Actually, maybe we should just buy the place. $245,000 doesn’t seem like THAT much — maybe if we finally sell off our massive CD collection on eBay like we’ve been swearing we’d do for the past five years, we can raise the funds. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it nice and crusty for ya. But in all seriousness, we sure hope this doesn’t mean the end of the Khyber as a music spot — we’ve seen everything from a million no-name punk and garage-rock bands to grunge precursors Skinyard to the Strokes to the U.S. Air Guitar Championships there, and much, much more, and we’d really hate to see the place go bye-bye with a change in ownership. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more news…

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