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January 6th, 2010

Kurt Vile: “Like Shaving Your Face Off…But Pretty”


The best Kurt Vile analogy/metaphor/whathaveyou of 2010 (yes, the year is young, so there’s still time to top it) comes from Psychedelic Horseshit’s Matt Whitehurst. Who — according to this glowing review in words and photos — said from the stage (while opening for Vile and the Violators a few nights ago in Columbus) that listening to their music is like: “When you’re shaving but you don’t have any shaving cream and you’re just, like, shaving your face off… but pretty.”

We more or less agree with that assertion, but you can find out for yourself when Kurt plays a homecoming show on Friday at Johnny Brenda’s along with Strapping Fieldhands (!). Starts at 9 p.m.; tix are $10.

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