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February 23rd, 2010

Tonight In Shows


The Rowdies
8pm, $8. Khyber.
True to their name, Philadelphia trio the Rowdies make a rowdy racket that combines punk, mod-rock and power-pop in a way that is reminiscent of early Replacements. It’s loose and loud and kinda sloppy in the best way possible, the way that spells spirit and fun and life in the reckless abandon of fingers stumbling for the right chords and notes but finding them just in the nick of time; rhythms that flail but never fail; and raw-throated yowls and croons that aren’t pretty or necessarily in tune but that always spit soul and joy. These guys have scads of unbelievably good back-room/basement anthems, and damn if they won’t become one of your favorite local bands after seeing them just once. (Michael Alan Goldberg)

The English Beat + Fishbone
7:30pm, $28-$40. World Cafe Live.
Two politically minded ’80s bands, two divergent takes on neo-ska, both bursting beyond the confines of the genre. The English Beat, a multicultural troupe from Birmingham, gained fame in the U.S. with the impeccable “Save It for Later,” an early MTV staple. They split up to become General Public and Fine Young Cannibals, but frontman Dave Wakeling has revived the group with new personnel. Same goes for Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher, the two remaining original members of LA-based Fishbone, whose hard funk-rock edge inspired some of the more insane mosh pits of the day, along with allies like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Advantage: English Beat (more timeless, somehow). (David R. Adler)

Also, the Pink Floyd Experience comes to the Merriam Theater [8pm/$125]; and the Verve Pipe plays upstairs at World Cafe Live [8pm/$21-$23].

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