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June 14th, 2010

What Is A “Jugalo”?


We’ve got nothing at all against Coolio. He seems like a pleasant enough fellow. He’s one of the most likable and charming of the more-or-less-washed-up ’90s novelty rappers. And Cooking With Coolio is the shit. We found ourselves rather skeptical and sad last month, though, when at Electric Factory as one of the opening acts for Insane Clown Posse, Coolio repeatedly swore his allegiance to Juggalo Nation in a clear (but, sorry to say, flailing) bid to resurrect his rap career with a new audience, a la Vanilla Ice. “I AM a Juggalo,” he insisted upon leaving the stage. Well, Coolio’s put his money where his mouth is and ink where his arm is, getting himself a fresh new ICP-themed tattoo. Only thing is, someone — Coolio, his tattoo artist, his manager, whoever — probably should have checked the spelling of “Juggalo” first:


As TMZ so cleverly put it, the error is “nothin’ but a ‘G’ thang.”

Granted, we could say that spelling doesn’t rank all that highly on the list of true Juggalo concerns — falling somewhere below Faygo procurement and staying one step ahead of those outstanding warrants — but that would be unfair and mean.

Anyway, we’re sure that with all the advances in tattoo technology, plus those “Gangsta’s Paradise” residuals, Coolio can squeeze an extra “g” in there if he so desires…

[Thanks to Jesse Lundy for the tip!]

[Photo by Michael Alan Goldberg]

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  1. 4 Responses to “What Is A “Jugalo”?”

  2. By Francis Shea on Sep 9, 2010

    this is where people need to get smacked. do not judge all juggalos. im in the air force and i know many many more juggalo’s and juggalette’s in the military. just because some people make different choices doesnt mean anything. being a juggalo is a faith. in my eyes at least. you dont have to smoke pot and drink liquor or anything you dont wanna do because it fits the ‘genre’ of people. i do what i want when the air force lets me. just to let you know this is where ti pisses me off because people dont know the whole story and judge before they have the right to say ne thing. and yet im serving in the military to fight for your freedoms to pull this stupid stuff. give me and the other people in the military a little respect and research what you are talking about before you publish it.

  3. By Ryn on Jan 11, 2011

    Wow. Juggalos? Pathetic, worthless, pitiful people with no real goals in life. As for the above poster, Francis, your grammar and lack of any writing sense only proves the stupidity of so called “Juggalos.” I work with kids, and even most of the kids agree that ICP is washed up and pathetic. They are not even that talented. When will people wake up and realize that ICP is nothing but a pathetic, horrible band? Seriously–get a clue.

  4. By baby wicked on Dec 2, 2011

    whoop whop juggalette for life….stop hating MMFWCL!!!!!!!

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