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July 8th, 2010

Rony “Spin Doctor” Seikaly Spins A New Tune


Today’s weird news: We haven’t thought about ’90s basketball player Rony Seikaly for YEARS until we saw his name in the subject line of an e-mail that just arrived in our inbox. Fitting, we suppose, with tonight’s LeBron James “Decision” speculated to bring King James to the Miami Heat, that Seikaly — the former NBA center known as the “Spin Doctor” for his low-post moves, and first player ever drafted by the Miami Heat (back in 1988) — would be back in the news. At first we thought “Rony Seikaly” was the name of a new band, you know, a buncha dudes naming themselves after some sorta famous person, a la Abe Vigoda and whatnot. As it turns out, it’s the 45-year-old Seikaly himself who’s got a music career going. Seems that after retiring from basketball close to a decade ago (after a short stint with the New Jersey Nets and then some time in the Spanish League) he got into DJing, and now — unlikely as it sounds — he’s become an in-demand house music DJ and producer. He’s also been signed to esteemed Subliminal Records, run by superstar DJ (and Seikaly pal) Erick Morillo, and he’s issuing his debut single, “Come With Me” (complete with vocals and lyrics Seikaly wrote) on August 3rd.

“[Seikaly] is a raw talent with a great musical ear,” Morillo says. “That is why I am excited to put out his first single on Subliminal and unleash him on the world.” Morillo’s apparently taken to calling Seikaly’s music “Rony Style,” but Seikaly seems to prefer the term “Happy Underground.”

We’re actually kinda curious to hear the new single, which will be available at dance music download sites Beatport and Traxsource on July 28th, as it’s not often that major sports dudes are able to transition successfully into a music career. The late Wayman Tisdale, an accomplished jazz bassist, comes to mind, but few others. When we hear the track, we’ll let you know what we think, as well as if Seikaly plans to come to Philly to spin some tunes.

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