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February 7th, 2012

Dr. Dog’s New Record Is Out Today, Plus The New Tennis Album’s Streaming On Pitchfork


2010’s Shame, Shame, for many Philadelphians and indie music fans alike, was the first taste of Dr. Dog. And what a delicious, savory bunch of tracks those ended up being. Though it was their honest-to-goodness fifth LP, it seemed like the record that dragged them a little more fully into the national spotlight. And our hometown heroes did us proud. Shame, Shame is killer. It is slightly psychedelic indie rock with touches of folk and Americana. But today is the day that we finally get another new batch of tracks with the brand-spanking-new¬†Be The Void. Heck yes!

Perhaps it’s their new home at ANTI- records that’s doing them well. As we noted yesterday, Dr. Dog’s often been said to be “on the verge,” or readying, poising themselves for more national exposure and success. And with tracks like “That old black hole” on Be The Void, they seem to be going in the right direction. Whereas Shame was a bit more varied, nuanced, quiet and thoughtful, The Void is on the more rockin’ side; it’s more immediately raucous, dirty and chaotic. They’re back to sounding like a stage-dominating rock band and less like a sensitive studio band. And it’s out now, so go get it!


In other New Release news, back in January of 2011, Tennis saw their Fat Possum debut with Cape Dory. At first glance, it seemed like another beachy band, which was a sound very close to being annoying at the end of 2010. Seemed like everyone had a beachy record coming out; indeed, Beach House’s Teen Dream came out that same month. The Denver-based husband-and-wife duo that makes up Tennis, weighs heavily on Alaina Moore’s vocals. Her beautiful, powerful but delicate singing voice carries her husband, Patrick Riley’s, guitar into the melody perfectly. Their pretty, lo-fi dream pop was one of the year’s best records and a little over a year later, they may have given us another Best Of for 2012.

Young & Old is out a week from today, again on Fat Possum, but you can stream it RIGHT NOW on Pitchfork. It’s great! It was produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. Moore, Riley and a drummer named James Barone headed to Nashville to record their newest material with the Keys’ drummer and sometimes-producer. It’s a quick listen, with ten short songs, but they build nicely on the sound they created with Cape Dory. It is far less influenced by their seven-month stint sailing down the Atlantic seaboard. “Origins” is the single, but “Petition” stands out as one of the album’s strongest tracks. It’s easily worth 32 minutes of your time. Oh, and Tennis will be at Union Transfer on March 6th. Happy listening!

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