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February 21st, 2012

It’s Fat Tuesday And There’s Some Louisiana Flavor To Be Found At The Blockley Tonight


Tomorrow’s Ash Wednesday, and for the religious, the beginning of Lent. Lent lasts between tomorrow and Easter and typically requires observance of self-denial, penance, repentance, and prayer. So that means before Lent you get wasted and eat like a disgusting pig. Or, in Louisiana, go parade around the French Quarter and show your boobs for beads. This sure does create for a hedonistic and wildly indulgent party atmosphere. That, most likely, won’t manifest itself in any kind of authentic Mardi Gras celebrating here in Philly beyond getting wasted and the collection of beads in bars. Except for at the Blockley. Tonight is Fat Tuesdays at the 38th and Chestnut club, and Brass Heaven will be there to help you get into the spirit of the night.

Brass Heaven are a local act, an 11-piece band who are poised to provide the (seemingly) only Mardi Gras-themed night of revelry in our fair city. If you really want to make a Southern night out of it, you might as well check out our Soul Food recommendations and fill up on some home cooking on your way over to the Blockley. Perhaps Elena’s Soul Showcase Lounge & Cafe at 4912 Baltimore Ave. could do the trick, or Ms. Tootsie’s Soul Food Cafe at 1312 South St., or maybe Delilah’s Southern Cafe at Reading Terminal Market. Some fried chicken, mac & cheese, cornbread and greens should be perfect stomach filler for all the drinking you’ll inevitably do.

Try to get to the Blockley before 8pm because $10 will get you two hours of OPEN BAR. Then, once you’ve got a good buzz going, keep up the good work with $3 Hurricanes and $5 pitchers. FYI: Hurricanes are rum cocktails, usually one part dark rum, one part white rum, then some passion fruit syrup and lime juice. How bad can that be? DJ JJ Booker will be spinning funk and then once you’re good and sauced you’ll be ready to “Shake yo brass!” We didn’t make that up, that’s a little corny.

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