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February 23rd, 2012

Gossip Roundup: Linsanity, Obama Sings, Nearby Fiona Dates, “Rella,” Kels Takes Us To Church, Diplo Expresses Himself



>> Everyone loves Jeremy Lin, right? The Harvard-educated couch-surfing Mark Zuckerberg homeboy and Knicks SENSATION. Well, FUSE weaseled some music recommendations out of him and, well, they’re all Christian. Check it out.

>> A$AP Rocky sounds off on homophobia in hip-hop in an interview with Spinner. He’s like, look at pop, man, look at Lady Gaga, man. They’re open-minded and shit: “[Hip-hop] needs to stop being so close-minded because that will just cause the genre to fail.”

>> Check out a sick slide show of Neko Case’s Vermont country house from a feature she did with Country Living.

>> This may be old news to you by now. The internet moves so fast. But Obama sang a few lines of “Sweet Home Chicago” at a White House event. Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Mick Jagger were present and he totally has a voice. Our president is pretty suave. Check it out.

>> MTV released a Hottest MCs of 2011 list and Nah Right brings us a forum to behold the list and rip it apart. But #1 is Rick Ross with a not-too-far-behind MEEK MILL at #7. Philly REPRESENT!

>> Album art and a tracklist are now available for Jack White’s new solo record and it’s just in time for his March 3rd Saturday Night Live musical appearance. Smooth move, Mr. White. Too bad your album cover’s a little toolish.


>> Sweet Baby Jesus, those horrifying old codgers the Red Hot Chili Peppers have snagged some impressive talent to open up for them on their insanely massive world tour. They got Sleigh Bells, Santigold and Little Dragon to start shows for them, none of them overlapping, and if you’re lucky enough to catch ‘em here in Philly at the Wells Fargo Center (May 11), it’ll be Sleigh Bells you’ll see.

>> It’s true. Fiona Apple’s announced a small handful of eastern seaboard tour dates and Philly’s not one of ‘em. BUT! There’s a bunch in the area (Atlantic City, NYC/Brooklyn) that are a mere car ride/bus trip/train nap away. Consult this and reserve your Philly Car Share.

>> Also not far? The 2012 Governor’s Ball on New York’s Randall Island is looking sick. It’s June 23rd-24th and, no, we’re not going to tell you who’s playing so as to make you watch this INCREDIBLE lineup announcement video. Seriously, watch it now.


>> Everyone sorta-loves Beirut, right? Here’s “Vagabond.” Mad heads love this new Shins video for “Simple Song,” and you can download it on iTunes for freee. This is probably the wildest ride of this bunch, but there’s a new one for “Rella,” a track that features Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy and Domo Genesis. Shit is cray. (Still above is taken from it.) Saint Etienne is back with a new one for “Tonight.” Nicolas Jaar and Pitchfork teamed up for one hippied-out five-hour set at a MOMA for something they call +1. It’s cool, if nothing else, for the ladies who sing and dance. Sleigh Bells were on Saturday Night Live to perform and, well, gosh they’re so cool. The Chromatics have a new vid for their awesome new song, “Lady.” Down in Australia they do something called Like a Version where artists pop in to do a stylized cover. Austra stopped by and did Robyn’s “None of Dem.” Tired of Bon Iver yet? Well, these 4AD sessions are pretty much always stunners and now he’s done one, too. Our friends Dr. Dog have a new one for “Warrior Man.” The Cool Kids have a new one for “Rush Hour Traffic.” And last but not least, get out a tissue, y’all. At Whitney’s funeral they let R. Kelly and Stevie Wonder sing. Just go.


>> New Metric! They’re following up 2009’s not-amazing-but-excellent Fantasies with Synthetica on June 12th. It’s true!

>> Simian Mobile Disco’s last LP in 2009, Temporary Pleasures, was insane. Did you not listen to it all the time? Oh, you really should. Now they’re putting out a new one called Unpatterns and it’ll be out May 5th. And if you’re in Europe, go see them live.

>> Hold on to your breakfast cereal, friends. This new Diplo track is going to make your booty bounce uncontrollably. It’s his first foray into sissy bounce and “Express Yourself” will most likely be considered a successful one. He got a Big Freedia understudy, Nicky Da B, and that sure didn’t hurt.

>> Rufus Wainwright has enlisted Mark Ronson to help him on his new one and thank goodness for that. His music is kind of unlistenable otherwise. This time around they seem to be going for an AM gold, T-Rex kind of thing and you can listen to “Montauk” now to see for yourself.

>> If you were skeptical of a new Garbage record, it’s okay, you’re allowed. But now you can make sure it’ll be badass with a one-minute preview called “I Hate Love“; a tender post-Valentine sentiment.

>> Lastly, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem fame, teamed up with Damon Albarn (Gorillaz/Blur) and Andre 3000 for a Converse thing. The track’s called “DoYaThing” and it’s significantly awesome.


>> 26 year-old Christopher Reimer was in a band called Women. He was from Calgary and he died in his sleep this week.

>> Newser announced the death of legendary ’60s band MC5’s bassist, Michael Davis. He was 68.

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