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March 1st, 2012

Gossip Roundup: Mucho Santigold, Badu Booted, XXL Freshman Class, Hot Vids, No Age College Dates, Streams Galore



>> Sure feels like May 1st is racing towards now. The other day we showed you the cover art for Master of My Make-Believe, but you haven’t seen the extremely charming Making-Of video, have you?

>> She recently spoke about how there’s some whack-ass pop acts doing so well and how that pretty much makes her want to cry. Namely, LMFAO. We hear you, girl.

>> Oh yeah, there’s a new video for “Disparate Youth.” It’s through MTV so it’s embedded in a Pitcfork post for your pleasure. And if you haven’t already seen the fantastic “Big Mouth,” do so now, please. AND she stars in Spank Rock’s new video for “Car Song.”

>> Last but not least, rumor has it that she and Earl Sweatshirt are toying with a collaboration. They’ll let us know how it goes!


>> Erykah Badu was slated to perform in Malaysia but, at the last minute, got banned from performing from the powers that be. She had a promotional shot of her with Islamic tattoos on her chest and bare shoulders, and, well, they didn’t like that very much. But she handled it with grace and tact. Kudos.

>> Don Henley does not care for Frank Ocean’s treatment of “Hotel California.” Not at all. In fact, Old Man Henley’s threatening a lawsuit if Ocean continues to perform and the young whippersnapper’s getting a kick out of it and laughing all the way to the bank.

>> Stereogum is debuting a new column/series called Deconstructing with a piece on Grimes this week. It’s an op-ed/argument/analysis kind of space and it should be something for smart people to follow.

>> XXL introduces what they like to call 2012’s Freshman Class this week. There aren’t a ton of surprises, but, Ms. Azaelia Banks doesn’t care for that white girl rapper, Iggy Azalea. Check out the beef. Oh, and you’ll notice from that last link that Banks is pretty much definitely working with M.I.A. on a track. SICKNESS.

>> Speaking of beef, DMX hates Drake. For real, he talked some serious smack about the Canadian rap phenom and it’s glorious.

>> Davy Jones is dead at 66 from a massive heart attack. The Monkees sweetheart was the Paul McCartney of the Monkees, meaning he was the cutest one. He will be missed.


>> This video’s amazing for the Damon Albarn/LCD Soundsystem/Andre 3000 Converse collaboration entitled “Do Ya Thing.” It’s creepy and awesome. If you can stomach it, there’s a 5+ minute video for a Bon Iver track from his most-recent self-titled record called “Towers.” Those cooky boys in that band Girls have a new one for “My Ma.” Perfume Genius did a charming +1 with Pitchfork for an enlightening interview and performance combo. A new Memoryhouse vid has popped up for “The Kids Were Wrong.” ScHoolboy Q is the man and his new video for “Druggy Wit Hoes,” featuring Ab-Soul, is bomb. There’s a whole lotta Boss man happening on Jimmy Fallon this week for Bruce Springsteen Week. It feels blasphemous to say, but, do young people care about Bruce? Last but not least, you’ve GOT TO see this trailer for the Odd Future collective’s Adult Swim show that’s premiering in late March called Loiter Squad.


>> If you’re inclined to go over to Brooklyn for the National’s curated festival, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, you’ll be able to see sets from St. Vincent, Sharon Van Etten, Beirut, the Walkmen, and Atlas Sound. It goes down at the Brooklyn Academy of Music May 3rd-5th.

>> Xiu Xiu and Dirty Beaches are teaming up for a Spring tour and they’ll be making a stop at the First Unitarian Church on May 3rd. Also announced? DESTROYER! It’s not until June 17th but it’ll be at Union Transfer and it shall be magnificent. Furthermore, if you are with car and have couches to crash on, you might as well head out to Lancaster and/or Pittsburgh for some intimate college-based No Age dates. They’ll be at the Chameleon Club on March 11th and at Pitt’s William Pitt Union on the 12th.

>> Finally, if you are so inclined to get over to Chicago for Pitchfork’s always-awesome festival at Union Park, you should check out the first wave of announced lineup acts and see if you should just go ahead and put your money where your mouth is and buy some tickets.


>> Stream PO PO now in its entirety. Before or after you read Brian McManus’ kickin’ cover story, s’up to you. Then download a lil’ ten-minute Retribution Gospel Choir EP for free. Also give a spin to some Pains of Being Pure At Heart remixes, if you will. NPR, the beacon of all things nerdy and hip, always has a great First Listen section where you can preview records before they come out. And right now you can do so with Andrew Bird, the Magnetic Fields, White Rabbits and Julia Holter. There is also a Bowerbirds stream for your listening pleasure, of The Clearing. Fans of Washed Out can delight in a new Daytrotter session. Last but certainly not least, you can get your hands on a Hodgy Beats EP that is called Untitled.

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