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April 12th, 2012

The Weeknd Announced A Spring-Into-Summer Tour And There’s An April Philadelphia Date


This is pretty awesome. In a fairly limited tour schedule he’s announced, Philly ┬ámade the cut. These are his first tour spots outside of Canada. After Coachella, it’s Brooklyn, D.C., Boston, NYC and then Philadelphia. He’ll make his presence felt at the TLA on Saturday, April 29th. That’s only two and a half weeks from now, y’all.

Abel Tesfaye’s a Canadian of Ethiopian descent. His debut, House of Balloons, which had the phenomenal “High For This” on it, really smacked people in the face. That vid, with just audio, has over 5.5 million views. WHAT?! Seriously, this guy’s trilogy of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence has put hip-hop fans in a daze. He’s one of the most artistically innovative and compelling artists in the game. And he’s in town in a minute! Don’t miss it.

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