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April 30th, 2012

This Week Is The Week That Daughn Gibson Will Be In Philadelphia To Perform At Ortlieb’s


We’re so excited about this record and this show that we’re posting about it on Monday. Friday night is the night. THE NIGHT that Daughn Gibson makes his double debut. It truly seems that this is one of his first performances as a solo artist since his record, All Hell, came out last week. He’s alluring and sexy. He’s talented and unique. And we’re effing thrilled about Friday night’s performance.

See, this record came out and it’s all we’ve been listening to for the past couple weeks. It’s cliche at this point, but everyone’s saying that he sounds like a Johnny Cash for 2012, mixed with the sensibilities (and rhythms) of James Blake. But more so than that, he’s a seriously gifted singer with a unique voice, and as a drummer he’s got a sound ear for percussion. He was in a band called Pearls and Brass, a stoner-metal band. We’re not even sure about Pearls and Brass. Stoner-metal’s cool and everything, but, since listening to this guy, Friday night at Ortlieb’s is the most thrilling event of the first week of May.

Speaking of Ortlieb’s, remember when it was a weird-ass hole in the wall that old white drunks hung out in? Well, someone else is runnin’ that ship now and it’s been renovated. It reopened in the month of April of 2012, so it’s brand-spanking-new, and what Sir Daughn Gibson’s doing booking a show there is beyond. Do you know? Please comment and enlighten. For a Pitchfork-approved artist to basically do his first show in Philly (his first show of his tour and perhaps his first show as a solo artist?) at Ortlieb’s is a bit confusing. But we’ll take it! We love it when people start their tour here in our fair city. Well, listen to this song, buy a ticket, and say hello at the show.

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