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May 3rd, 2012

Longtime Philly Punkers The Menzingers Were Robbed In Manchester Last Night


Whuuu? When we saw, just moments ago, this tweet from JADEDPUNKHULK*, our hearts sank. Philly’s The Menzingers have been robbed in England! Here’s what the thieves got away with, reports Menzinger Greg:

$2000 in US cash. €5000 Euros, an iPad, 3 iPods, 3 passports, 2 pairs of raybans (I know, I know they’re super expensive but they make you look pretty cool), my personal tour journals from the last year and a half which included all of my “On the Impossible Past” lyrics and all of my god damn memories, a digital camera, prescriptions, blah blah blah.

The next lines in this Tumblr post from the band sum up the whole shit show pretty succinctly: “This sucks. It really fucking sucks.” We agree. And if you’d like to help the band who brought these lovely boobs into the public sphere, here’s how you do it:  Banquet Records has set up a page on their site where you can donate something to the guys. The band also have a paypal account, and you can donate there too.  We appreciate this quote about that:

While we’re extremely apprehensive about this we’re going to open up our paypal account if you care to donate. We don’t expect much and we feel extremely uncomfortable putting our hats out like this but here’s our paypal account if you care to help:
Tom made the account name up years ago. Sounds about right.

Best of luck to you boys. You’re in our thoughts. We hope Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Iron Sheik, Bugs Bunny, Capt. Kirk (are they in the Avengers? We don’t read comic books) and the rest of the gang fuck the people who did this to you right the hell up. Or, barring that, that you just get your stuff back. At least the Ray Bans anyway.

Finally, just throwing this out there: these guys just finished tour. Might they be the culprits?

*If you’re on Twitter and not following him, you’re using it wrong.

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