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May 3rd, 2012

The Other Night, At The Milkboy Show With Sgt Sass, DaQuan Did Some Solo Stuff And It Was AWESOME


Last Saturday, at Milkboy, there was a most banging party. It was a lineup of super-fierce emcees and a small handful of surprises presented themselves. It was called “RAW: Kingz On The Mic,” hosted by Kevin Kaoz Moore. The spitting was provided by Philly’s Sgt Sass’ DeShawn and DaQuan, New York-native I.K.P. (the Infamous King of Positivity), and Baltimore’s DDm (”Fake Girls“). DeShawn and DaQuan have solo efforts, projects they’ve been working on and tracks they’ve been working on. When DaQuan took the mic he unveiled some new solo material that pretty much killed it. He’s got a pretty beefy Soundcloud that you should check out, and some YouTube clips for songs like the ill-as-hell “I Am Alien.” Rumor has it that he just finished another batch of tracks that he’s hoping will be totally polished and available for public consumption by this summer. Here’s a track called “Birdshit” that’s awesome. And if you don’t have anything planned for Mother’s Day and your mom’s a down woman, there’s a show you can take her to at the Mausoleum which is now called PhilaMOCA. Seriously, he’s teaming up with I.K.P. and MC Ice Rod.

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