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May 4th, 2012

Ten Things We Saw, Heard And Learned At Last Night’s Miike Snow Show At Electric Factory

Miike Snow Philly2

We went to the Electric Factory last night to see Miike Snow. Here are 10 things we saw, heard, and learned.

[Ed. note: Jay Stephens is back, and this time she knows the opener.]
1. The risky thing about going to an ambiguous-electro-pop-stand-and-dance show is the audience. The crowd may be full of drunks, young teens, or an uncomfortable mixture of both. Last night’s show was an uncomfortable mixture of both. The ground floor of the Electric Factory was an awkward, iPhone equipped army of high school kids just discovering how to dance in public. The people who probably drove them were perched upstairs in the liquor loft watching it all go down.

2. As a result, the ground floor was uncomfortably calm for the first couple of songs by opener Mountain Goats* Penguin Prison. We had hotdogs and drinks in the middle of the pit and were completely undisturbed. Side Note: No, the hotdogs are not worth $4. But the posters are only $1. Go for those instead. Lasting memories, not gas.

3. Penguin Prison did their best to rev up the teens on the ground floor with some intense strobe lights and guitar-playing prowess. They weren’t too successful until they played “Don’t Fuck With My Money,” a really fun song that everyone seemed to be waiting for and sang along to enthusiastically – despite the fact that most of them probably don’t have jobs or a source of income besides allowance. But that made it sorta cute!

4. Based on the special effects they relied on, Miike Fog may be a more apt band name. In the 40-minute long wait between Penguin Prison and Miike Snow, fog machines were set up that periodically polluted the stage, triggering a false-alarm wave of audience “WOOOOOO!”s each time. It happened like eight times. And people still cheered. Every time for eight times. EIGHT. Miike Snow fans are optimists.

5. The members of Miike Snow entered the stage wearing gold masks, which they performed in  for the first song. We don’t know why. They threw them off at some point. We don’t know where. We wanted to find them.

6. Andrew Wyatt was really into performing for the audience. He skinny-jean-strutted and body twerked all over the stage. He stopped numerous times to make really intense eye contact with the ground floor teens. He dropped the mic stand. And the mic. During “Burial” there were no vocals for a good thirty seconds. No one seemed to care.

Miike Snow Philly3

7. Miike Snow live sounds different than Miike Snow in your headphones. There is a vocal sweetness and refinement that is lost in the live performance and replaced with a more aggressive energy.

8. They had a giant motherboard for creating and mixing music that lit up and looked like an alien dropped it off in the middle of the stage. What made it even cooler was the large rustic jackalope carved on the outside of it. It flashed like a strobe light throughout the show. It was mesmerizing. We think it was communicating subliminal messages. We like jackalopes. (See it here on Letterman.)
9. It seemed Miike Snow really wanted the audience to know why it’s called the Electric Factory. Their stage lights alternated from complete darkness to Friday-Night-Lights-Staring-Into-The-Sun-Aren’t-We-In-A-Recession-???-These-Lights-Define-Light lights.

Miike Snow Philly610. Miike Snow did not play “Animal” first. Or second. Or third. Or at all, actually. At least not as part of their regular set. People thought that it was a joke when their last song wasn’t “Animal.” The first song of the encore wasn’t “Animal” either. So lots of the older people left. We left too. We’re old. We don’t know if Miike Snow ever played “Animal.” But we do know that “Animal” wasn’t part of the pre-encore main show. So if you want to see Miike Snow strictly to hear “Animal” – 1. Why would you do that? That’s silly. 2. Don’t go until late.  Maybe.

-Jay Stephens

[All photos Rachell Morillo's iPod]

*Wah wah. We added the Mountain Goats thing. Just a coupla  kids at heart over here at MMMHQ cuttin’ up, havin’ fun on a Friday and whatnot.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Ten Things We Saw, Heard And Learned At Last Night’s Miike Snow Show At Electric Factory”

  2. By Paul on May 4, 2012

    They played Animal for the last song of the encore.

  3. By Anna on Jun 3, 2012

    Sometimes they play most anticipated song last for obvious reason. To kill us while waiting.
    I mean I went to Arcade Fire two years ago and they played `Wake Up` dead last but by that time I had to leave so I heard from very far away :(
    Nice article though haha.

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