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May 23rd, 2012

Spacin’ Scores 7.8 On Pitchfork

spacinOh, hey, remember  that time we told you about Philly’s Spacin’ and how you should do yourself the solid of listening to the deep groove of their bong water drenched song “Empty Mind”? Well, it seems the tightly clinched assholes of Pitchfork took our advice. They love the TestostereTunes/Richie Records released Deep Thuds too, and gave it a 7.8 today on their tightly clinched asshole rating system. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??? Sorry. We’re shocked, yes, but also not really. Because you can’t deny this album, which we’ve come to listen to on pretty much a constant loop the last few weeks. Here’s Pitchfork getting it right: “But honestly, how can an album called Deep Thuds by a band called Spacin’ with a drippy Rolling Stones logo on its cover not be remotely funny? Everything about the band’s presentation says the album should be frontloaded with irony or snotty humor, but there’s nothing like that here. Instead, it’s a record that’s patient, flows beautifully, offers sludgy production, and is packed with killer hooks.” Yep. Congrats to the guys of Spacin’ for  besting Meek Mill by .4 Pitchfork Points. Be sure to  cash them out at the register for Chinese handcuffs.

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