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June 6th, 2012

HEY! Would You Like To Go See The Bouncing Souls At The Trocadero On Friday Night? We Have Two Tickets For You


But it’s not gonna be that easy. We need to know that you are the deserving party. We need assurance that these free tickets that will be in your name will not be wastefully bestowed. We need proof that not only will you enjoy this night of amped-up headbanging post-punk, but that you know exactly what your’e getting yourself into.

The New Brunswick boys are ready to unveil a new record called Comet, and this is going to be their release show. It’s their ninth freakin’ record and that means there’s LOTS of material to be played. The Troc is going to get pretty wild on Friday night.

So, let’s hear it. Send a little essay of fandom to my brand-spanking-new Philly Weekly email address, which is 1,000 word essays won’t get read, but 100-200 word pleas will work. One lucky soul (see what I did there?) will get a congratulatory email on Friday morning.

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