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June 11th, 2012

Tomorrow Night Is Josh Schurr’s Album Release Party At The Loews Hotel


It’s true. Sometimes the words acoustic guitar and singer-songwriter and piano and folksy, strung together, can be a good sign that said person or artist or record is a yawn. A bore. There was a time when singer-songwriters were THE thing. They were largely female, but back in the ‘50, ’60s and ’70s, there was not only demand, there was a need for them. We needed sensitive artists and thoughtful souls to show the world that it was totally whack – Vietnam, racism, etc. We know now that our world is pretty whack still, but songs aren’t necessary for that to be obvious. And furthermore, if you’re writing songs about how messed up the world we live in is, you may be barking up the wrong tree. You’re better off blogging or just reading as much political news as you can get your hands on. This is all to say, we collectively believe, at this point, that singer-songwriters are writing about feelings (for the most part). They’re sad and thoughtful, and they want to share their sad thoughts with us. And lots of people just aren’t into that, anymore. They want “Call Me Maybe” on repeat, and then also some Jennifer Lopez.

Well, there are still songwriters out there, who have a lot on their mind and they actually HAVE TO share it. It is more than a mission, it’s an imperative. Their lives would not and will not be full without singing songs that they wrote. Josh Schurr’s one of these creatures. His voice is a beautiful instrument and his piano skills are awe-inspiring. We wrote about him when he did a show at Milkboy a ways back, when all he had to show for himself was a little EP called Sleep Like The World. Pretty and gentle, no doubt, but with his new one, Halfway, you get a better picture. And it’s one worth inspecting. In fact, it’s a picture we didn’t anticipate being so complex and rich. To be honest, Sleep was a little more amateur. And that’s okay, because it was his first time. But obviously in the last two years, he’s grown into a more talented and seasoned musician.

After he got a Kickstarter campaign funded, he was able to produce a bigger and better record than his debut. And maybe his debut was what enabled him to get this one off the ground. Regardless, where he is now is a gifted young artist who’s at the very beginning of his musical journey. And what’s more, he’s headed off on a little tour of the country with a handful of dates booked and we should probably show up tomorrow night, listen and love his new record, and send him off with warm wishes. If you will, give his new one a spin, buy it, and then give him a pat on the back for a job well done.

DEETS: Tuesday, June 12th, 7:30-10pm, at the Loew’s Hotel’s SoleFood Lounge, free admission and happy hour drink specials from 7:30-9pm with a short little set at 7:30, then he’ll premiere the video for “The Hunter.”

Here’s him and his awesome (and talented) sister singing “Brooklyn”:

YouTube Preview Image

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