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June 25th, 2012

Morgan’s Pier Is A “Disgusting Evil Piece Of Shit Venue” According To Some Guy On Facebook Who Seems To Know A Lot

Picture 1If you thought all the pretty cool free shows—Pissed Jeans,/A Place To Bury Strangers/ GANG (7/28), Fang Island (7/21), The Pains of Being Pure At Heart (7/14)— on the schedule at the new Four Corners/R5 riverfront venture Morgan’s Pier were a good thing Philadelphians should be excited about, well, you’re just an ignorant motherfucker who doesn’t know EVIL when he sees it. That, in so many words anyway, according to one-time Ox show booker Gregg Dupp, who took to the Facebook invitation of an upcoming MP show by total badass good vibe rockers Spacin’ to let everyone clicking “Yes, I will attend” know just what kind of brainwashed tools of The Man they were. Dupp’s buddy Barclay Shields chimed in too, and from there the wall of the invitation just turned into a pissing match about authenticity, warehouse shows vs. corporate gigs, The Bougie vs. The Proletariat, what constitutes freedom, and whether or not the new Pixar movie Brave lives up to the very high bar the studio has set with their other stellar movies. (We might’ve read that last one somewhere else. We don’t know. Our eyes glazed over about mid-way through this FB page because we thought discussions like this ended in the ’90s.)

Anyway, Spacin’ play Moragn’s Pier this Wendesday at 10pm. As you know, we think they’re pretty alright. Go see them like the Corporate Shill you are! It’ll cost you Zero Dollars, the Official Cover Price of The Man. The Spacin’ FB invite is here, and is recommended readin’!

Picture 2

  1. 3 Responses to “Morgan’s Pier Is A “Disgusting Evil Piece Of Shit Venue” According To Some Guy On Facebook Who Seems To Know A Lot”

  2. By Bryant Amper on Jun 26, 2012

    Like don’t you corporate sell-outs know these hipster douchebags were into obscurity before it became like so… mainstream? They’d prefer it if you bourgeois swine didn’t interrupt their oh-so-creative process whilst they give each other tugjobs in the Barbary men’s room.

  3. By Gregg Dupp on Jun 27, 2012

    Lol, so funny how people think that we desire obscurity or that we hold the creative process up on some pedestal. Fuck that shit.

    But yes, I proudly identify as a hipster. And as a hipster, I would like to call you out for your blatantly homophobic comment, Bryant. You disgusting fuck, you better think twice next time your ignorant brain jumps to a joke like that. I’m not kidding.

    Besides, Barclay and I have already criticized the Barbary plenty of times before.

  4. By Morris Buttermaker on Jun 28, 2012

    Now I remember why I stop caring about the “DIY” scene or whatever it is called. It was mostly made up with dumb assholes who thought being a dumb asshole was a political movement.

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