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September 12th, 2012

Let This Be Our Official Request That When Jessie Ware Tours America That She Stops In Philadelphia


Not sure if you’ve heard of this woman, but she’s kind of a force of nature. Today, she was nominated for the shortlist of the UK’s Mercury Prize. Last year, PJ Harvey won it (her second). Two years ago The xx won. It’s good company to be in and, well, Jessie’s probably gonna win it for 2012. We bought Devotion the day it came out on iTunes. She loves Chaka Khan and Sade and you can feel it come through when you listen. Well, she’s not coming to Philly anytime soon – at least there’s nothing listed in America. She’s got some tour dates in Europe, but when she DOES come on over the ocean, she betta give Philly a night. We’ll be front and center when she does. Here are a couple little gems for you to get excited about her inevitable American moment.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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