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October 8th, 2012

Center City Comedy Celebrates Four Years Of Laughs On Thursday

CC Comedy

Last Thursday I experienced my first live comedy night. Upstairs at the Raven Lounge on Sansom and 17th, an endless stream of comedians and performers took the mic for short spurts of outrageousness. An evening split up into two halves, Kevin Ryan opened it up with a dry, self-deprecating note – something I learned: comedians make fun of themselves a lot. They also make jokes out of daily life; breakups, boyfriends and girlfriends, sex, dates, farts and pee. But there’s nothing quite as awkward as a joke that doesn’t exactly kill and watching a comedian squirm under silence. Ryan, in a way, took the bullet for the rest of the first-half comedians by loosening up the audience, trying to make a crowd laugh that’s at its most sober and getting people used to the fact that they’re about to sit through performers pushing buttons and massaging taboos.

I guess I forgot about the way that comedy wants to make you a little uncomfortable. Laughter’s one of the best ways to interpret awkwardness. It’s what comes out when you think “Holy shit. He just said that. Out loud.” One seemingly shy girl got onstage and discussed the confusion she experiences being a vegetarian who happily puts dicks in her mouth and even enthusiastically swallows, effectively killing hundreds of humans.

H. Foley, a stronghold of the regular crew, gave one of the funniest sets and stars in the CCComedy original short film called “Babe Ruth Time Traveler” (below). It also stars Darryl Charles, whose set which primarily focused on baby dicks was memorable. Did you know that at a bris, there are some Orthodox practices of orally sucking blood from a baby’s bleeding wiener? It’s true.

On Thursday the 11th, Center City Comedy celebrates four years of ‘going there.’ Sign-ups start at 8:30pm for newbs and first-timers with vets and core members sprinkled throughout. The show gets started at 9pm and the room is not large. So show up as early as possible to secure a spot, and pee before you sit down because it’s awkward navigating through the audience during someone’s set. Just an FYI.

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