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October 16th, 2012

Let’s Talk About Mykki Blanco


Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. is a rapper from New York who’s style is like none other. In his videos, he easily and casually oscillates between male and female. You can call him a bunch of things: a gay rapper, a trans rapper, a queer emcee, a gender-bending performance artist. None of it really captures the complexity of his talent. Not only can he flow and turn out a video, he can spit freestyle on a dime that’d put a bunch of heteroflexin’ mysoginist rappers to shame.

Now, to be real, before you start pushing play on these videos, they’re not very SFW. He peddles curse words and nastiness in his rhymes, but, that’s what he sees and what he knows. In the fantastic final video of this post, the confessional style of the video follows Blanco around uptown New York where he’s called Harlem his home for some time now.

The news is that the new video for this week is “Haze.Boogie.Flow” and it’s dope as hell. “Wavvy” has been poppin’ off in the club for a while now but we’re desperate for a Philly visit. Let this be an official written request. Mykki – come to us. We’ll keep our eyes open for potential future visists.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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