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October 18th, 2012

Someone Magically Sent Me These Beautiful RZA WESC Headphones And They Are Heavenly

RZA headphones

Sometimes you gotta take the perks when you can get em’. Not sure if you figured this out by now, but, I’m not getting rich by blogging. Every once in a while, you get a little bone thrown at you (like skybox suite tickets to Rihanna two summers ago). Last week, my editor gave me a voicemail heads-up that there was some sweet goods waiting for me in the office and that the interns who opened the mail were foaming at the mouth. But these two boxes had my name on it. And while I was impressed by the Heineken gear (XL t-shirts and fly baseball lids), it wasn’t really my style or size. But the headphones… my god the headphones.

In a massive box full of shredded paper, was in-laid another huge fabric box with a hinged toplid. When I lifted it up I found the dopest headphones I’ve ever put on my ears. When you spend hours and hours in cafes listening to records like I do, and cannot bear any kind of bus, car or plane trip without an iPod, you settle in with a set of headphones that just get the job done without making you uncomfortable. If money were no object, sure, I’d be rocking BOSE or big, huge multi-hundred dollar headphones. I’ve got phones that stay put for runs or workouts and $10 Sony wrap-around-your-ear phones for everyday listening. But noise-cancelling LED headphones with seemingly-bolstered levels of bass and snare opened my ears to what I’d been missing.

They resale for $170 and make Azaelia’s beats sound totally sickening. I have no idea who sent them to me or why. But I am eternally grateful. The least I could do is advocate for attending RZA’s comrade in Wu-Tang hi-hop, GZA’s date at The Troacdero this weekend. He’ll be doing “Liquid Swords” in full. Get yourself some headphones, listen to some Wu-Tang, and get a ticket to Saturday’s show.

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