Sestak Still Scandalizes the White House

White House SestakGet used to having a gigantic umbrella over the Pennsylvania senate race, cause both Joe Sestak and the Obama White House are bein’ all shady.

It goes like this: In February, Joe Sestak, then a long-shot candidate for the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nomination said he’d been offered a job with the Obama Administration in exchange for dropping out of the race against Arlen Specter. In March, on the Bret Baier Fox News show, he confirmed it but wouldn’t elaborate, saying, “To go beyond [the admission that a job was offered], Bret, doesn’t serve any purpose…There’s nothing to be gained by focusing on this politics stuff.”

And since then, Republicans have been – once in a while – accusing the Obama Administration of hardcore full-frontal criminality.

After Sestak won the chance to take on some gun nut in the statewide Senate race, the Republicans brought up the case (again), which they’ve yet to crack. “It is unacceptable for an administration that touts itself as the ‘most transparent’ in history to continue to stonewall a significant and potentially devastating accusation of political corruption,” said Michael Steele, the world’s biggest weirdo and RNC chairman. Next up, someone has to say, “What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it?” because people who say that sound so God-damned authoritative.

Yesterday, on one of those terrible talk shows, in which politicians are allowed to circuitously “answer” “questions” using hand-delivered talking points without the option of a follow-up question, both Joe Sestak and White House press secretary Robert Gibbs got this shit brought up again.  “I’m not going to get into it,” Gibbs told Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer after the potential employment was mentioned, “but people who have looked into it assure me the conversations were not inappropriate in any way.”

Later on (if only they were on together!), Joe Sestak came on the program and he, too, was asked of the greatest scandal since Watergate. Sestak offered the following: “I said yes,” of the question he was asked several months ago.

This would-be-nontroversy will now continue developing into a bombshell similar to the well-known fact that Barack Obama’s father, Malcolm X, watched his future-treasonous American “president” son get birthed in Kenya, Africa.

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  2. Tony says:

    You Know Arlen was a terrible canidate ,but now no matters what happens in november the Dems look bad.How is that a good thing?

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