Nooooooooo: J&J Trestle Goes Up In Flames

By Lucas K. Murray

For years, the J&J Trestle Inn was one of the most infamous of Philadelphia’s dive bars—a place for a cold, generic American brew. A place where the Grey Goose bottles were most likely filled with Gorbachev’s best potato water.

Don’t forget the lovely ladies who could have easily been third-string casting rejects from a Sir-Mix-A-Lot video. Signs outside the front door touted “exotic dancers” and ice cold Budweiser.

Previously, signs bearing requirements like “NO DRUGS,” “NO GUNS,” “NO TANK TOPS,” “NO BAGGY PANTS,” “NO SNEAKERS” were plastered around the interior and exterior.

It all went up in flames today. Smoke billowed from the upper floors of the three-story building at the corner of 11th and Callowhill streets as firefighters worked to contain the blaze.


No injuries were reported.



Big plans were apparently in store for the Inn. DJ Diplo reportedly had a hand in renovation efforts. The Inky’s Michael Klein noted in March that recently filed LCB records name the new owners as Ian Cross and Josette Bonafino, founders of Multicultural Youth eXchange, and lists the corporate name as Gladurhar.

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