Sheriff’s Office Asked To Cut Spending (HaHa)

Everyone seems to be hatin’ on the Sheriff’s Office these days (with good reason), and it’s not just us. (We did write about efforts to close the office in this week’s PhillyNow editorial). Mayor Nutter, too. In fact, he asked the office to cut spending by $2 million and got an immediate answer.

Guess what it was.

An independently elected official with about 240 full-time employees, the sheriff budgeted $12.3 million for the fiscal year that ends June 30, but his office is projected to spend $2.2 million more, mostly on overtime.

“We have been asking them to provide us with a plan of how they would address this pretty sizable overexpenditure, and if they could try to reduce their overtime,” city Budget Director Steve Agostini said.

While the office had anticipated spending $1.3 million in overtime, expenditures will approach $3.3 million.

The Sheriff’s Office said it had little control over overtime costs largely driven by the needs of the city court system, which relies on sheriff’s employees to maintain security in and around courtrooms.

Still looking for some ways to shed some weight from the budget belt, and Council’s summer vacation won’t go on forever. The calls are getting louder to shut the office down and little’s being provided from John Green as evidence to keep his future legacy holder on the job:

…The Sheriff’s Office said it would provide firm numbers detailing how much overtime was generated at the Criminal Justice Center as opposed to other city courts, as well as at the Philadelphia Parking Authority, where the Sheriff’s Office also has employees.

Next May isn’t so far.

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