Wingnuts: Philly is a Sanctuary City! Except…

If you’re to believe a growing number of right wing bloviators and websites, including America’s Worst Website, The Fox Nation, Philadelphia has ended its slow bleed into hell, becoming a piece of asphalt Real Americans feat most: A sanctuary city.

We weren’t sure of the Real American definition of sanctuary city, so we went to “The Conservapedias,” which is where we get all our information relating to rewriting and de-hippifying the Bible to make Jesus a gun-totin’ mouth breather, just like you!

The term “Sanctuary City” refers to a city or state that enacts policies which are favorable to illegal immigrants. Specifically, sanctuary cities often mandate local laws which prevent inquiry into a person’s immigration status, unless they are a suspect of crime or have been deported in the past.

On Conservapedia’s official site for “Sanctuary City,” there’s a list of U.S. cities currently bowing to Satan. And get this: As of this morning, not only has Philadelphia yet to be on the list, but Pennsylvania as a whole is nowhere to be found!

Strange, as a Monday Inky article titled “Philadelphia to bar immigration agents from arrest data” was rewritten on The Fox Nation as “Philly Becomes Sanctuary City.” Get with the times, PediaSure!

Aaron Kase wrote this on Monday:

The groups are asking for an end to collaboration between the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The meeting was conducted mostly in Spanish, with translation offered in English and Indonesian. Speakers took the stage to recount stories of friends and family delivered to immigration officials by the police, from immigrants who were stopped while driving, those who were questioned as witnesses to other crimes and a child who was arrested at school.

The conclusion of all speakers was that they no longer trust the PPD and are not comfortable approaching the police under any circumstances, even if witness or victim to a crime.

The PPD and ICE officially collaborate in two ways: The police give ICE access to the Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System (PARS), which lists the nationality of people in police custody. Furthermore, the federal Secure Communities program provides ICE finger-prints of anyone arrested by the police.

And the Inky article had this to say about the Mayor Michael Nutter and others’ views concerning the matter:

“It is the mayor’s view that the PARS agreement should not be extended,” Gillison said, speaking at a South Philadelphia church meeting attended by more than 300 immigrants and their supporters.

He said there would be a formal announcement of the city’s position in the coming week, probably on Friday.
Mayor Nutter has expressed concern about the human rights of all immigrants, regardless of their legal status.

In a directive he issued a year ago, he barred municipal employees on official business from inquiring about the immigration status of any person, including, but not limited to, victims, witnesses, arrestees, and detainees.

Gillison said Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey and District Attorney Seth Williams “agree with the mayor” that the ICE-PARS arrangement should be terminated.

But wait. That may all be the case but Gloria Campisi has a piece in today’s Daily News all about how the PPA sent a letter out to immigrant cabdrivers, enticing them with fake “credit-card payments” they were owed. Well, on Wednesday, 26 drivers showed up to get their free money.

And 23 were arrested by ICE.

All but four were released “but their names were placed on a deportation list.”

President of the Unified Taxi Workers Alliance of Pennsylvania put it in perspective when he mentioned how those 23 were “out of a pool of 5,000 drivers.”

And that’s just a single example. The real criticism may be coming over the Philadelphia City Council passing a resolution against the new Arizona immigration “let’s see your papers” law. M. Nutt is also King of the World (Second Vice President) as it pertains to the U.S. Conference of Mayors and they were up in arms against the Arizona law at their last meeting, too.

Though, we’ve been reading a lot of Conservapedia lately and now we’re pretty sure the 23 arrested are part of the conspiracy to make Philly, and soon, America as a whole, the most sanctuarious (not a real word, but should be) place, ever, so Obama won’t have to ever produce his “berf certificate.”

8 Responses to “ Wingnuts: Philly is a Sanctuary City! Except… ”

  1. wise latina 2 the right says:

    Do a little research into the crime wave in “sanctuary cities” like Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago etc. Sanctuary cities like Newark, NJ have become magnets for criminal aliens, trans-national gangs to ply their trade and easily hide amongst large communities of illegal immigrants. The word gets out that even if arrested on petty crimes, ICE won’t be contacted, local arrest info. wont’ be shared. It’s a nice way to protect illegals who are here to do more than just “work to support their families”. Priorities, people. Sanctuary policies are being pushed by the open-borders lobby of the left…basically don’t want any laws enforced against illegal aliens. Nutter, White and Gillison took an oath of office to uphold our laws, not offer sanctuary to those who violate them. The safety, health and welfare of everyone living, working and visiting Philadelphia should be top priority….not the selfish interests of illegal aliens who want the City to assist them in evading immigration officials and deportation.

  2. wise latina 2 the right says:

    In an alarming example of how sanctuary cities can protect terrorists, a Pakistani man arrested for the Time Square bombing admitted on a city license application that he entered the U.S. illegally and authorities took no action.

    That’s because he applied for the cabbie license in a state (Massachusetts) that openly protects illegal immigrants from deportation. Local law enforcement agencies throughout Massachusetts have don’t-ask-don’t-tell policies regarding illegal aliens and in this case the Boston Police Department has for years known that the terrorist, So Pir Khan, was in the country illegally.

  3. Zorro says:

    What kind of half-azzed journalist writes a piece with an insult in the headline – aka “wingnuts”? You expose your extreme leftist ideology with that simple insult. With that one word you relegate everyone with whom you do not agree to the category of “nuts”. I guess it’s easier for you to label the other side of an argument rather than discuss the issue like an adult.

    If you don’t think NOT deporting illegal aliens much less CRIMINAL illegal aliens does not make Philadelphia a Sanctuary City then you are indeed a very extreme left ideologue with your own agenda and you should not be writing for any news organization. What Mayor Nutter has proclaimed is the EXACT definition of SANCTUARY and the proof will be revealed when illegal alien criminals from the tri-state area flock to Philadelphia. Then we will have Mayor Nutter bemoaning “white flight” from Philadelphia – gee I wonder why that happened???

    I am one American citizen living in the Philadelphia suburbs who will not set foot in that crappy city and not spend one single dime supporting it ever. It has become a toilet and is about to become and even bigger toilet. Maybe in November there is a chance to turn it around but until then – you can take your city and shove it Mayor Nutter!

  4. Zorro says:

    One more thing – a sanctuary policy like the one Mayor Nutter has declared is in fact PREEMPTING Federal law! That is the very thing that the Obama administration is accusing Arizona of doing but they have it backwards! By refusing to enforce particular laws, like those for illegal immigration, a city is actually in defiance of Federal law and it is a FACT that we already have sufficient immigration laws on the books from 1986 – you know.. the year that we granted amnesty to a million illegals and were promised “never again” by our lying Congress?

    We don’t need “comprehensive immigration reform”! We need “comprehensive immigration ENFORCEMENT!” We need businesses to be raided and punished for hiring illegals – with fines large enough to impact their bottom line and make it costly to hire illegals. We need to shut off taxpayer funded social services to illegal aliens. We need to STOP educating illegal alien children for FREE in our taxpayer funded public schools. How insulting for American taxpayers to be expected to fund free education for an invading population? Read your history about Rome and the barbarians at the gate so perhaps you can pull your head out of your AZZ and realize that those of us fighting illegal immigration are CORRECT in our OUTRAGE.

  5. Zorro says:

    “The conclusion of all speakers was that they no longer trust the PPD and are not comfortable approaching the police under any circumstances, even if witness or victim to a crime.”

    Guess what? We don’t give a rat’s AZZ if illegal aliens “trust” the police department. Don’t like it then go the hell home! I suppose they trust the Mexican police department eh? How ridiculous an argument is that – they don’t trust the police.. WAAAAAAAHHHHH It breaks my heart!

    Furthermore, Mr LaBratso – you are a total imbecile to think just because some random web site has not included Philadelphia in its list of Sanctuary Cities – that this does not make it true.

    Your arguments are completely empty headed and weak and you know it. I just hope you live in Philadelphia and will reap the crime-ridden city that you support! And your little dog too!

  6. Chantal says:

    Take a look at the group of mayors opting to betray their oath of office and their constituents and you can easily discern that they are the same who are fully cognizant of the fact that educated Americans will not vote for them and the uneducated illegal alien is their only chance of remaining in office.

    Antonio V in L.A., Bloomberg in NY, and Nutter in PHL – the trifecta of corrupt politicians who have turned each of the cities they represent in to clones of the lawless, violent, corrupt, and filthy third world countries the illegal aliens left behind before invading our country.

  7. clyde seymour says:

    Chantal, that is worth saying again:

    Antonio V in L.A., Bloomberg in NY, and Nutter in PHL – the trifecta of corrupt politicians who have turned each of the cities they represent in to clones of the lawless, violent, corrupt, and filthy third world countries the illegal aliens left behind before invading our country.

  8. I.K. Morgan says:

    Yeah, it’d be good to come up with an educated argument instead of ad hominem and non sequitur. Case in point: “Wingnuts” and about how Philly isn’t listed on some webpage as such. None of that matters. What matters is the actual rightness or wrongness of their position. Calling them right-winged bloviators has no bearing on their position, as they can be all of those things, and still right about it.

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