Update: Rescued Chihuahuas Will be Available for Foster and Adoption Soon

After 85 Chihuahuas were rescued from a hoarder raid on Earp Street in South Philly Wednesday night, PSPCA vet nurse Jessie Leighton jumped in her car with 27 of the dogs and rushed them over the bridge to the South Jersey home of Anne Trinkle, founder and president of the Animal Alliance of New Jersey (AANJ) in Lambertville to expedite the adoption process.

The dogs included the two mama dogs and their 10 baby puppies, estimated to be a week old.

Today, the adult dogs headed to the AANJ’s Planned Pethood low-cost veterinary clinic  for what they’re calling a spay/neuter “marathon.”

It’s good to see regional animal organizations cooperating to cope with the extraordinary number of animals seized and to get them out of the shelter as quickly as possible. Between kitten season in full explosion and the economy, the PSPCA shelters are already packed to the gills, so assistance in expediting the processing of these doggies so they can get in the theoretical window ASAP is a big bonus for the animals.

AANJ Founder/President Anne Trinkle says her organization is taking 11 more of the dogs today. Once they get to Jersey, none of the dogs will return to PSPCA. From AANJ, they will be fixed and funneled out into rescue organizations and adoption and foster programs.

“Their condition ranges from deplorable to moderately bad, their teeth are decayed. They have mange and they’re malnourished,” she says.

But after getting fixed up—and fixed—the dogs should be ready for adoption in the next couple of days. Interested parties should keep an eye on AANJ’s website for updates and details.

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  1. Leila says:

    Good update, I’m going to help spread the word.

  2. Leila says:

    The link for the AANJ isn’t working

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