More Than 60 Teaching Vacancies In School District’s Promise Schools

An empty hallway inside of Roxborough High. (Photo by Matt Petrillo)

The Philadelphia School District released new numbers today that reveal more than 60 teaching vacancies within the district’s six Promise Academies, including 22 in Clemente Middle School.

The extended vacancies may force the district to settle for potentially  lower-qualified applicants, but Fernando Gallard, director of communications for the PSD, says the district’s process is “very selective.”

“We have had a large number of applications and as such are not concerned about the number of vacancies,” he wrote in an e-mail to PhillyNow.

Promise Academies are not allowed to hire more than half of its staff back after teachers reapply. Promise schools—I mean, “academies—” seem to be exempt from the district’s recent hiring freeze, since half of the schools’ staff must be replaced.

We suggest that district officials stop huffing its chalk and get this taken care of immediately to give teachers adequate time to prepare themselves. Buses start congesting roads beginning Sept. 7.

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