UPDATED: University Fugitives From University City

hoopsters-400David Gambacorta at the Daily News says, “They thought they had a plan, a real good plan…”

Of course he’s being all “HAHA THEY DIDN’T HAVE A GOOD PLAN!” but, I don’t know. I think they sorta did. It was at least creative.

It’s like this: Drexel student Devon Bond allegedly (almost definitely) was at 36th and Lancaster on Wednesday, “shortly before 10 p.m.” He couldn’t open the door, left, and came back around 10:30. A woman answered the door when he rang the bell and invited him in (they were in the same business class at the UCity college) and a surveillance video shows Bond putting a piece of paper in the lock as he entered, unbeknownst to the young woman.

He left after a few minutes, then came back in through the door behind two men at gun point. Those two men were (allegedly) Drexel University basketball players Jamie Harris (starting point guard) and Kevin Phillip (backup forward). Bond and the young woman were ordered to lay on the ground, then Phillip and Harris demanded the woman hand over her money.

She had none.

But she gave them her iPhone (dorks wondering 3G or 4G, we don’t know *the difference*). They said they’d come back if they found out she really did have money. Afterwards, Bond got up and left, too. He was soon tracked down by police and – surprise! – he’s an accomplice.

Now Harris and Phillip, both decent players, are fugitives on the run. But the general humanities and social science majors likely don’t have an alibi or awesomely awesome research skills like Dr. Richard Kimble. They’ve only got an iPhone. And we assume it has no service.

Photo courtesy of AP via Philly.com

UPDATE: Jamie Harris and Kevin Phillip surrendered to Philadelphia police today.

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