Because She’s Worth It? Superintendent Ackerman’s Ridiculous Salary

Phil Goldsmith is reporting on Superintendent Arlene Ackerman’s salary today. And he’s comparing her earnings to others in city government. Considering the obvious scandals and sheer incompetence surrounding her performance, Goldsmith makes us sad. So sad.

Ackerman’s annual salary: $325 thousand not including perks, benefits, bonuses.
Chicago Superintendent Arne Duncan: $230 thousand.
New York and LA Superintendents: $250 thousand

This is a reality as Ackerman has recently gotten a 4 percent pay increase “similar to what teachers received in collective bargaining” and will soon be receiving $338 thousand per year (compared to Mayor Michael Nutter, who gets $167,440 after voluntarily taking a pay cut from $198,658; though in fairness, [this space left blank].)

Goldsmith goes onto compare a plethora of $100 thousand + jobs in the city’s education department, with his “New positions” category possibly being the most interesting:

New positions: One of Ackerman’s most recent hires, Leroy Nunery, was added less than four months ago to fill a new position called chief of institutional advancement, at a salary of $180,000. A few weeks ago, he was promoted to another new position as Ackerman’s second-in-command. He received a $50,000 increase ($50,000 is about the salary of a six-year teacher with a master’s degree).

If the “Chief of institutional advancement” position sounds both familiar and suspicious to you, you may read The Notebook. Do you? Do you read The Notebook?

Superintendent Arlene Ackerman has created a new high-level post in her administration and hired Leroy Nunery, a former executive at Edison Schools and a finalist for Ackerman’s position when she was hired nearly two years ago.

Nunery will earn more than Mayor Nutter – a whopping $180,000 a year – as chief of institutional advancement and strategic partnerships. His catch-all job description involves  fundraising, promoting outside partnerships, and revamping the Intermediate Unit (IU) to provide better and more organized technical assistance to both District-operated and charter schools.

And not for nothin’, but what’s to say this hire and pay increase has nothing to do with the fact that Nunery was once a “finalist for Ackerman’s position when she was hired nearly two years ago”? Are you, Philadelphia tax payer, picking up the tab on a legal bribe to keep Nunery – whose resume once impressed us (and others) – at bay?

Just wund-rin’. For now.

Here’s us back in June, when Nunery was promoted to the newly-created deputy superintendent position:

Though, in fairness, Nunery has got quite the resume. He’s the founder and principal at PlusUltre LLC, a consulting firm specializing in “unique, cost-effective strategic and operational solutions for the K-16 educational spectrum,” as well as the chief of the Institutional Advancement and Strategic Partnership in the school district of Philadelphia. He’s also been a board member for Savoy Bank, Springside School and the Please Touch Museum. He’s a graduate of Lafayette, WashU and UPenn (la dee da!) Nunery was also a finalist for Ackerman’s job two years ago.

Goldsmith says “comparing salaries is a tricky business, and many factors need to be considered, such as market competition,” and he’s right, but I still can’t help but try to figure out what fraction (multiple?) of my own salary an increase of $50,000 would be (care to put yourself to shame with me?). My guidance counselor totally dropped the ball.

4 Responses to “ Because She’s Worth It? Superintendent Ackerman’s Ridiculous Salary ”

  1. EGaitley says:

    Ackerman’s salary is outrageous and she does a horrible job. Should you get a big salary for covering up violence and a principal who has no leadership or disciplinary policies or skills? That’s what is happening at Pollock Elementary in NE Philly. They were a Blue Ribbon School under Kate Quinn, she retired and now they have an incompetent leader. All the comments from parents in the Inquirer and GreatSchools is TRUE. Ackerman is lying, the School District is lying and there are children ages 5-12 who are paying the price. Parents of Pollock School, you better stand up for your kids or they will be wiping up the school yard with their faces this coming year. Parents of kids who have been bullied and beat up at Pollock you need to speak up to the Inquirer and NE Times. I’ve broken up fights where kids are kicking a student in the stomach, head, back. Choking kids on the ground. Sticking 2nd graders heads in toilets and flushing them. Attacking teachers and staff. The students laugh at Marilyn Carr the principal right to her face, yell out rude remarks while she is speaking, mimmick her and tell her right to her face they can do whatever they want because she won’t do anything about it. Ackerman holds teachers and staff accountable what about bad principals and disruptive, violent students?? What about herself?? Marilyn Carr ruined Pollock School in 2 years time.

  2. Vlad says:

    LMAO! City is being pillaged and no one gives a damn !

  3. revolter says:

    You walked into the principals meeting
    With theme music playing behind you
    Your big ugly black rose placed on your
    Orange jumpsuit lapel

    You had one eye on the local TV cameras
    And one eye on a piece of cake

    Your so vain, the whole city is out to get you
    Your so vain you think the Ace of Cakes bakes
    Cakes only for you

    Don’t you?
    Don’t you?

    Well you had the district by the rocks when
    The SRC was quite naïve you said “My way
    Or the highway!” and that “We could make a
    Great scheming team!”

    Now your going to be old news!
    Now your old news and……

    Your so vain, the whole city is out to get you
    Your so vain you think the Ace of Cakes bakes
    Cakes only for you

    Don’t you?
    Don’t you?

    Well, I read that you weren’t backing down and
    That you challenged them to fire you and that along with
    Your big butt, your ego created a total eclipse of the sun

    Your everywhere you should be and when your not
    Your eating a buffet with the wife of a charter school
    Operator…..a charter school operator….

    Your so vain, the whole city is out to get you
    Your so vain you think the Ace of Cakes bakes
    Cakes only for you

    Don’t you?
    Don’t you?

  4. REB says:

    It would appear that the job position of school administrators, superintendents, executives, directors or whatever fancy name they like on their door is in reality the simple world of “good old boys” or “good old girls” taking the tax payer for one heck of ride. They talk about but rarely demonstrate their skills and expertise which they say is needed in each school district and such demands on their part equates to high salaries and perks. I would suspect that their work day is not near as long as teachers and I doubt that this upper echelon of administrative titans reaches in their pockets to buy school supplies for their students. Of course, if we the parents and tax payers do not like how they run the “the private back room of education” (my italics), they are more than happy to move on in a few years of being on the job with the biggest perk of all, bonus and retirement package beyond anything any hard working teacher could dream of. In all fairness, there are some administrative school officials who do work hard and yet it is the Ackerman’s of the world whose salaries among other things and the “back room politics” of education that goes with it tends to give public education a bad rap.

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