Tea Party Demonstrates Social Inclusion, Andrew Breitbart Says America Not Post Racial

Andrew Breitbart

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart blasted the mainstream media yesterday at a Tea Party Rally at Independence Hall, but embraced blacks, gays and other minorities. (photo: Matt Petrillo)

After Barack Obama was elected president of the United States of America, the world changed.  Millions shamelessly embraced  the age of Obama and the man who gave minorities hope that any dream is conquerable, that race isn’t a social flaw, and that, perhaps, we might now live in a post-race society.

But Andrew Breitbart, publisher of BigGovernment.com, says America might never allow itself to live in a post-racial era, largely because of those crazy race-obsessed leftists.

“It is my belief that President Obama promised, tacitly, to be a post-racial candidate,” Breitbart says into a microphone at a “Uni-Tea” rally. “And it is sad to say that he hasn’t.”

don't tread on me (by Matt Petrillo)

"Don't tread on me" is becoming a popular Tea Party slogan. (photo: Matt Petrillo)

Breitbart recently made national headlines two weeks ago after posting a clip of federal government employee, Shirley Sherrod, speaking at a Georgia NAACP banquet while saying that the NAACP allows racism. The two-and-a-half minute clip was only a fraction of a forty-minute speech that didn’t surface until after Sherrod was forced to resign from her position.

Sherrod now plans to sue Breitbart.

When asked, multiple times, to comment yesterday on the planned charges against him, Breitbart remained mute but suggested his agenda has to do with more than just  race. And while he posted the video, he previously denied doctoring it himself, saying it was given to him as is.

In fact, he didn’t directly address Sherrod once during Saturday’s three hour rally, other than sarcastically opening his speech by blasting news organizations.

“Hi, mainstream media. I wonder why you’re all here,” he said. “There’s been an effort to portray the tea party as a toxic body of water.”

While there has been a lot of effort in the media to portray the Tea Party as racists, yesterday’s rally showed the Tea Party’s more simplistic approach to tackle racism.

“We’re done with racism. Leave that for the liberals argue,” speaker David Webb said. Webb, a top Tea Party Federation member who recently called out the Tea Party Express & individual members of it for being racist, was one of 10 other blacks that spoke yesterday out of a total of 18 speakers.

But with an audience sprinkled with hipsters, gays, white trash, politicians, religious leaders and many others, only a handful of blacks stood in attendance.

Still, the overall message yesterday wasn’t that they do not condone racism, nor was it to simply prove that they have support in the black community. Instead, they pushed the message of “social reform through political inclusiveness”– that is, the more people are involved in their government, than the less the government needs to control people’s lives.

Freedom (by Matt Petrillo)

Matt Hissey (left) with friend Brendan Kissam are both gay and politically conservative. (photo: Matt Petrillo)

Tea Party supporters shamelessly flaunted their indomitable spirit of American pride as if it’s the only thing they live for, but that pride–perhaps their most shared strength– could also push them further away from mainstream acceptance. Despite that they claim to be inclusive of everybody who cares about America, even of the NAACP, that claim appears somewhat disingenuous as they continue to butt heads with with other mainstream political organizations, ultimately separating themselves from the idea of total inclusion.

For instance, Breitbart claimed that the purpose of publishing the video was to move America “beyond its horrid racist past.” But by including in their mission of revolutionizing federal government to also portray certain social groups in a negative light–whether or not the accusations are true or fabricated– they’re doing exactly what they say is flawed about big bureaucratic governments: trying to manipulate their own message onto people in an effort to control them.

But the Tea Party will never gain the the support they so desperately desire if their identity continues to solely rely on bashing mainstream politics in an attempt to progress into mainstream politics.

Yet, as the Tea Party emerges as a Whig-like political group, their social significance will also develop as the watch-dog of mainstream politics, which they can use toward their  advantage if executed without accusations and rhetoric.

Pastor Bill Devlin, a democrat who is also a supporter of the Tea Party– even as a proud NAACP member–also spoke at the rally and says the Tea Party does just that. He said said it isn’t concerned with meddling in people’s lives, and that the Tea Party’s primary focus rests within three main issues, including “fiscal responsibility,  limited government and adherence to the Constitution.”

The first two reasons– which follow the economic principals of Milton Friedman and break away from “domestication” (that is, to let people live how they want instead of the government forcing its ideologies on people)–are simple yet compelling enough to understand why the crowd of 300 would become Tea Party supporters. But its third reason is the most flawed and is where their apparent identity crisis picks up.

Because so many people have so many different interpretations of the Constitution, the Tea Party either a) acts as an outlet to those who do not fully fit into stiff republican or democrat categories, or b) poses a threat to American morality and will remain a disorderly and radical group until it slowly loses momentum and perishes because it is a collision of too many different kinds of people.

It might be difficult for people to accept a political affiliation that only defines themselves on three values.

But the Tea Party members, like Matty Hissey, is hoping people disregard choice b) and choose a). Hissey says he’s a part of a movement that’s making history. The openly gay 21-year-old Tea Party member held a sign that read, “Proud GAY Conservative” & “Freedom Is Fabulous.”

“You don’t need to follow the liberal bandwagon just because you’re gay,” he said yesterday. He said he felt welcomes, especially as dozens of people came up to them to show their support of the two, further fostering the Tea Party’s central concept of inclusiveness.

For minorities like Hissey, the Tea Party represents, he says, what America should be: small government control and conservative fiscal ideologies braided with social harmony.

“It was great, I never once had so many people support who I am this much,” he said, which even included Breitbart.

As the young man approached Breitbart for a pitcure, Breitbart told him, “Glad you could come out.”

11 Responses to “ Tea Party Demonstrates Social Inclusion, Andrew Breitbart Says America Not Post Racial ”

  1. Very well written article. It is refreshing to hear an independent and honest voice in today’s mainstream media. Although the attendance of the “uni-tea party” was minimal, the individuals who did come to the event were friendly, compassionate, and had deep sense of appreciation and loyalty to our country and its constitution.
    As a gay, politically active conservative, I had some hesitation in promoting my sexuality at this event. The general stereotype in the United States is that republicans and conservatives hate homosexuals, in that we are a threat to the moral fiber of American society. Moments after my friend and I arrived at Independence Mall, grasping our gay pride signs, conservative tea partiers began shaking our hands and taking photographs of us. They were thrilled that we chose to be representatives for gay conservatives across the country. I have never felt such appreciation and acceptance for being myself in my life. Many individuals had some sort of personal connection to a gay or lesbian in their lives, so they fully understood that just because a person is of a different sexuality, it does not qualify them from being a proud American citizen. Every conversation I had yesterday had a deeply personal element. In contrast to the acceptance and recognition I felt at the “uni-tea party”, I think of many different occasions that I have been eviscerated by fellow gays for my conservative political views. I have been compared to a Jewish person being a Nazi, and an African American being a slave owner. I have never been embraced or appreciated in the gay community for believing in limited government, the constitution, and personal liberty for all persons.
    Why is this important? Well, there are several reasons but the simple fact that it is easier for me to be gay around conservatives, than it is to be conservative around gay is a very telling dynamic in showing how accepting conservatives are of everybody, regardless of race, sexual orientation, economic status, or political affiliation. Conservatives are independent patriotic individuals. As long as you agree with the basic platform of constitutional government, individual liberty’s, and a high sense of morality, then they welcome you with open hearts and arms. The conservative and tea party movements are not a conspiracy. Americans are losing their liberty and are scared to death. They feel like they are drowning and reaching out for help. Reaching out for someone, anybody at all, to pull them out of the frigid water. I know that if I were drowning, I would not care what race or sexual orientation the person saving me was. I would grab their hand and hold on for dear life. That my friends is what the American Tea Party movement is all about; Reaching out to our fellow citizens to help save our country. Anyone and anyone who can join hands with us can help save the United States of America from drowning.
    Yesterday was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. I truly felt accepted for being a “Proud Gay Conservative”, and I thank you all for making me feel so welcome and at home within your movement.

    Matthew M. Hissey

  2. Lorraine says:

    It was a pleasure seeing you there yesterday and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I hope more young people have the courage to stand up like you did yesterday. The preconceived bias that others may have about us was proved wrong by your action. You are an inspiration.

  3. Ormond Otvos says:

    Dear Mr. Hissey -

    You go on and on about how you agree with the Tea Party, but, like them, you never quite tell us any specific platform they have. But their morality, away from the TV cameras, rejects gay marriage.

    If you think liberals reject conservative gays, try attending a small Unitarian church. They’ll hug you to death. But they probably will have different ideas than you do on many small things, like education, finance, the market, corporations, war, evangelism, democracy, and the interpretation of the Constitution.

    I’m sorry you feel rejected, but I have a suspicion you’re really all about being as different as possible.

    Just a suspicion.

  4. Jackie Weston says:

    Thanks for letting the Tea Party list all the reasons nobody attended their event. Before the rally took place, it was heavily promoted on Fox, both locally and nationally. The organizers claimed two million hits on their website. As you were there, you saw they had set up for over 4,000 attendees and were loaded with food, water and vendor stands. Only 200-300 people showed up, on a beautiful afternoon at one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

    Contrast that to the 2nd Street Festival the next day, where many thousands enjoyed food, drink, art and music in one of our city’s most diverse neighborhoods, and one of its fastest-growing ones, as well. The Tea Party rally failed because it represents a make-believe past. The Northern Liberties neighborhood is the real face of America’s future.

  5. Brendan Kissam says:

    A much more balanced article than what TPM is spewing.

  6. Teri Adams says:

    Hey, Matt, I don’t consider 800 to 1000 people “minimal.”

    Nobody? Nobody??? 800 to 1000 people isn’t “nobody,” Jackie.

    There were 2000 bottles of water, and many people didn’t take one because temperatures were pleasant, unlike our Tea party on Independence Day, also at the Hall.

    We were EXPECTING more than our largest Tea Party, July 4, 2009, which was 2500 people. We originally HOPED to get 4,000.

    BTW, I can’t tell you the number of calls many of us received regarding people who either turned around because they got stuck on the Skuylkill expressway or I-95, or decided NOT to come because of the traffic jams on both roads.

    My brother president of our PAC, didn’t arrive ’til 1:30PM (Uni-TEA was slated to begin at 12PM). It took him two hours to get there from just outside the city. I left at 10AM and didn’t arrive ’til 11:30AM. It usually takes me about 25 minuted to get to THE HALL.

    One thing we didn’t do, which we do for all our events, is advertise on WPHT 1210 and/or WNTP 990. The repetitiveness of those ads is the MOST effective tool we have to spread the word.
    Cable television, while good for reaching a national audience, is not good enough for reaching a local audience.

    We also had a number of communications from people who didn’t hear about the event and would have come, probably because we didn’t do the above.

    The event itself was FANTASTIC. There were far more blacks and minorities than at any of IHTPA’s other events, WITHOUT COUNTING THE SPEAKERS. Note: They didn’t sit in one big group, but were scattered throughout the crowd often sitting with their white friends, hence the title of the event, “Uni-TEA.”

    I also noticed, there were almost no pictures of Black attendees, nor were they interviewed.

    A male African American who attended, was not only a card-carrying member of the NAACP, but a Chapter Leader.

    As I walked through the crowd, I was stopped countless times all afternoon, by blacks and whites, who were excited and inspired by the speakers and our program. Also note how the mostly white crowd applauded and cheered the mostly black speakers. Such racists!/sarcasm

    The left has been falsely but successfully touting the right as racists for at least fifty, which has alienated many blacks from our movement. It’s not going to disappear with one event or over night.

    There was a tremendous spirit of good will at Uni-TEA. And make no mistake, we will build upon it. It’s a good start.

  7. Peter Miller says:

    You count the number of people who attended by how many water bottles you bought? As sound and fair as this article seems to be more so than others, seriously, it’s pathetic that you have to come up with a billion excuses why people didn’t come.

  8. Jade in NM says:

    So the Tea Party throws a party to show how inclusive they are. By count of multiple media outlets the concensus attendance hovers somewhere around 300 people at its peak. Reputable sources and even participant descriptions put the total number of black attendees — er, better make that “non-white” attendees at just about 20. According to Teri Adams, above, there were “far more” and they were “scattered” but she talked to “many,” including “one” who claimed to be a Chapter president of the NAACP. I notice none of the Tea Party members actually counted anything, not the number of attendees, not the minorities in attendance, nothing. David Lewis, the “head” of the National Tea Party Federation, made a startling comment referencing how few black people showed up.

    What the HUH?? The Traffic? We DIDN’T advertise? You failed to use your most “effective” means of communication? People (who normally carry enough bottled water even in the dead of winter to see them safely across the Sahara desert) didn’t drink water because it was TOO nice out? No one took pictures of the all the black people?? Apparently the dog ate the Tea Party’s homework, too.

    To top things off, when your lame program gets underway, the disgraced “videographer” launches into another impolitic rant. Uh-huh… do tell…

    Let’s face it: people didn’t come because the sheets once obscuring who and what the Tea Party really is have been lifted. Once your cover is blown, you’re not so tough after all. Keep deluding yourselves that you’re for “smaller government,” lower taxes, no deficits, and “freedoms”. By the way only in the Tea Party are “constitution, citizen and conservative” spelled with a “K”.

  9. Liberal Gays says:

    Dear Matthew Hissey & Brendan Kissam,

    We are so proud that you have chosen to be the new public faces of “gay conservatives” at Tea Party events. We sincerely apologize for not embracing you enough, despite the differences in our political views. But it sounds admirable that you support limited government, the constitution, and personal liberty. A political movement based on limited government and greater freedom — which supports passing amendments to state constitutions preventing same-sex couples from marrying or having civil unions, preventing gay couples from adopting children, and supporting discrimination against gay people in the US Armed forces, as well as the civilian workforce.

    Oh wait…..we forgot that you do not support same-sex marriage or governmental recognition of any same-sex union. Even though you both are gay men. No wonder right-wing conservatives & Tea Partiers love you guys (they love you as people, they don’t love the fact that you’re gay, and many “pray” or “weep” for you because you are homosexuals and need to repent to Jesus Christ).

    The fact that you were able to hold up signs professing your gay sexual orientation in a public event attended by conservatives, and be not be shunned but rather accepted (of course, you were accepted as a fellow “conservative” but not as a “gay”) is a testament to the work that us “liberals” have done since the 1960s, to make society more tolerant of gays.

    Conservatives and Tea Partiers may be tolerant towards you, especially because you are also a fellow conservative, and it makes for good publicity in the mainstream media. But don’t be fooled to think that conservatives will accept you as gay men. It will always be “…He is a homosexual, but at least he is conservative….”

    You wrote that the Tea Party or conservative movement places importance on having a “high sense of morality.” You forgot that most conservatives believe that homosexuality and morality are incompatible.

    In the end, you will have to be comfortable with a political ideology & political party (Republicans) who have no qualms about expanding government’s reach and size, when it comes to increasing America’s “morality” — which means extra taxpayer resources and legal benefits to heterosexuals and heterosexual couples & families, while denying those same things to gay people (Because that would be, you know, “special rights”.)

    But maybe it might get easier for you two. Many Republicans & conservatives support religious-based “reparative therapies” that aim to turn gay people straight (even though scientific & medical evidence strongly indicates that it doesn’t work — but who believes in science or medicine anyway, right?).

    Perhaps with a little “treatment” from Exodus International, you will both be able to drop the “gay” title from “gay conservative” and just be White straight male conservatives. Which is how other conservatives & Tea Partiers would prefer it.

    Good luck gurls!

    The liberal gays

  10. younggaylibertarian says:

    Liberal Gays,

    It’s quite a tragedy that there are so many gay people like you that have so many distorted ideas about how ones’ orientation should automatically align them with one political party over another.

    I hardly need to stress that there is rarely such a thing as a political party or candidate that lines up perfectly for everything one may stand for. As a gay libertarian/capitalist I can recognize the hypocrisy in the notion that the freedom people on the right claim to advocate does not extend to certain “moral” issues such as granting the same freedom to gay couples as straight. It goes without saying that I do not believe “marriage” is something that a state has authority to decide, however. It is and always has been a church institution or something that the individual recognizes themselves. But since both political parties do work on the platform of calling a union between two individuals in love “marriage” then I do also believe they should fairly extend the same principle to gays. But before you think that this one issue is the only thing that matters in the world of politics then perhaps it’s time for a little reality check.

    You might have already noticed that democrats are guilty of freedom restriction the very same way that republicans are but instead with matters of economic freedom and a variety of personal liberties that are arbitrarily deemed as “harmful” to the overall social “wellbeing” of others. Maybe you’re under some blissful impression that the destructive principles of socialism only affect straight people and that gays live in some kind of bubble where they can all live happily ever after once they are allowed a piece of paper that says they are “married”. Oh wait, that piece of paper comes with a price, and it’s called, higher taxes, increased regulations on what you can and can’t do with your private property even though you’re not infringing on anyone else, and oh, we are going to force you to give more of your hard earned money away to someone else in the name of social justice and compassion!

    It’s ironic that you call yourself “liberal” when the truth of the matter is that anyone identifying more with conservative ideas is far more “liberal” according to the correct definition of the word. You probably haven’t heard of the term “classical liberal”.

    For example, many of the rightwing parties of Europe are the “liberals”, the difference is that they are far more socially tolerant while standing for free market principles.
    The blatant double standard in your position is that not one democratic controlled white house has passed any law permitting gay marriage. So let me get this straight. It’s okay to vote for Barack Obama even though he has precisely the same stance (that marriage is between a man and a woman) as most republicans, but our friends Hissey and Kissam are betraying themselves by voting for republicans who have the same position? Perhaps you just have a knack for pointing out the speck in someone else’s eye but ignoring the beam that is in your own? (forgive me for alluding to the Bible)
    The vacuity in your entire tirade becomes apparent when one realizes that the reasons for voting democrat or republican depends on if they lean more socialist or capitalist, since we’ve already established that neither party is really going to do anything about providing gays with “marriage”. . It might help to look at the big picture instead of one issue.

    So the question is, do I agree with Republicans on everything No way! I have many issues with things they stand for, but at the end of the day I have to vote for the lesser of the two evils. Republicans are never going to tell gay people that they can’t love or be with each other, but democrats WILL be raising taxes next year which will directly have an effect on me. Republicans = the prospect of possibly lower taxes, free market principles and more strict immigration policies (all of which are the most important priorities for me)

    Democrats = you still get no gay marriage and instead Keynesian economics masked by good intentions but ultimately resulting in the transfer of all deciding power from the individual to the state and the loss of both personal liberties for citizens through taxation and legislation telling them what they can and can’t do with their private property. I suppose you rely on some blind faith that once all hope is lost of government being accountable to the people that they will still miraculously grant gay marriage.

    Democrats also seem to forget that you can’t have open borders and welfare and tax subsidization at the same time. While libertarians believe in open borders they are forced to usually stand with republicans on this issue because we already know that welfare will likely never be dismantled unless the whole thing collapses because democrats don’t know when to quit believing that everybody is entitled to something that the state cannot afford to give them unless it robs other citizens through coercion. It’s about doing what is fiscally responsible and maximizing personal liberty.
    There is no end to government control from the left.

    Once they have universal healthcare they will need to find ways to keep costs from escalating, so what is the next step? How about rationing what you can and can’t eat all in the name of doing good for the poor! How about rationing peoples’ sugar intake or telling people how much flour they are allotted for the month. Of course, by then nobody will be allowed to smoke either because they will put a strain on the government run health system. Where does it end? It doesn’t end! Eventually the government has full control over every facet of your life and you don’t even know it — governments automatically shift to the left over time. People on the left talk about how worried they are that big corporations are going to oppress the poor, but they can’t seem to figure out that the government itself is the big massive corporation that is swallowing up all the others until it has the power to do exactly the same thing! At least in a free market setting the little guys can all band together and bring down the big guys through innovative marketing.

    You seem to conveniently forget that the majority of people on the left are only in it for the loaves and fishes (welfare and big government subsidies). They have already proven how tolerant, loving and accepting of the gay community they are when states like California struck down gay marriage at the same time they were voting for barack obama (blacks and latinos being the key votes that did not allow gay marriage to pass). If gay marriage ever gets passed it will be because people are overall more accepting of it in society rather than your utterly false idea that this nation is getting closer by putting in democrats. I know just as many republicans who are accepting of gays as democrats but have no control over the fact that the party as a whole takes a stronger stand against it because it happens to have a large section of socially intolerant people.

    The only thing we are getting closer to when you vote democrat is total financial ruin and principles of socialism that ultimately result in the tyranny of one or a few elites legislating their idea of morality on a nation. Both democrats and republicans are into legislating their ideas of morality. The elite people you rely on to legislate equality are never subject to the principles so called “equality” that they are enacting for everyone else. Equality doesn’t exist.

  11. The election of Sen. Barack Obama to the highest office in the land did not mark an end to racism as most Tea Partiers & Republicans would have us believe. Rather, it unmasked the facade of decades of pious platitudes & well rehearshed speeches that have been spoken by career politicians whose chief characteristic is avarice. White racism is on the rise & many, in white America, are simply burying their proverbial heads in the sand. Look at the result of white racism when an uncaring system won’t listen. Omar Thorton, was a 34y/o black man living in Conn. The company he worked for did not value him as a person. He tried to voice his hurt, anger & outrage, but his cries fell upon deaf ears & hard hearts. Look at the outcome; 9 people dead- himself included. Is this what America is coming to; an all out race war? Please white America, stop attempting to define black & brown people, or any non-white person, according to your racist beliefs! In a new book, THE GOD DEFINED SELF (A LAYMAN’S PERSPECTIVE ON RACISM IN AMERICA), Author, Andre’ D. Davis, warns America of an impending doom that shall surely come if this issue of white racism is not addressed & resolutions are made to right past & current wrongs. This book can be a starting point for an open & honest discussion on how to rid our country of this plague that is destroying America from within. This book is a must read for every American, but especially for those in white America who still refuse to address this most urgent issue. It is available @amazon & barnesandnoble.com. Please read this book, then join the national discussion on race relations in America. Thank you, Sincerely, Andre’

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