Onorato Cites Made Up Poll While Visiting Philly

corbett-onorato-427jc071210-1278967947Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett may be really awkward and sorta Satanic (we kid! Or do we?), but that’s nothing compared to his Democratic opponent Dan Onorato, who’s simply incredibly boring and quite possibly a liar.

He was in Philadelphia yesterday doing candidate stuff (talking himself up, pretending to be all into “small businesses,” watching people work, saying the word “communities” all over the place, moving his hands in a circular motion as he spoke) and claimed that although he’s consistently behind in the polls, “the most recent poll has me five points down, I would say I’m making some headway in this race.”

Except – as usual, there’s a problem. PhillyNow would love nothing more to see this “five points down” poll. We can’t find it! (But we also suck at “The Googles”.) That all aside, we think Onorato is making it up (unless it’s one of his campaign’s internal polls, in which case his pollsters are making it up). We checked out RealClearPolitics, whose average of all polling shows Corbett up 9.3 percent and not a single poll showing Onorato anywhere near “five points down.”

Rasmussen Reports: Corbett +11
Quinnipiac: Corbett +7
PPP: Corbett +10
Morning Call: Corbett +24 (in fairness, the Morning Call’s last poll was released before the primary)

Onorato also claimed 40 percent of voters are still undecided. Except. The latest poll, by Rasmussen, says that number’s more like 8 percent.

The Democatic candidate will be in town again next Tuesday when the Big Dog – former president Bill Clinton – chills out for a nighttime fundraiser with Onorato at the convention center. Onorato says he’s “excited about it.” Yeah, he is.

Photo from AOL Politics Daily

3 Responses to “ Onorato Cites Made Up Poll While Visiting Philly ”

  1. Dan is about to have a fundraiser with Bill Clinton and Ed Rendell, two politicians who are famous for their predeliction to bend, stretch, and otherwise ignore the truth.

    Is it any surprise that he has decided to sell himself using a poll that does not exist?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dan was probably referring to an internal poll that hasn’t been publicly released. I see no reason to assume that he was lying.

  3. yourkiddenme says:

    What? A politician who lies? What are the odds?

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