Another Philly Cop Bites The Dust

-2Police Commissioner Ramsey has got to be tired of this: Some Philly cop got all Philly cop-ish and might’ve kicked some chick’s ass over hockey, or something. The Philadelphia PD sent us this press release yesterday all about how Officer Damien Walto, 30, was arrested on Friday. The arrest stems from aggravated assault, possessing an “instrument of crime,” terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person charges.

On July 18, police responded to a call for an assault victim who was being held up at Jefferson Hospital. The 24-year-old woman, who suffered visible injuries, told police that after “an all-day hockey tournament at the Tip Top Playground located in the 100 block of Hope Street” she basically got her ass kicked by Walto. Police won’t budge on what the alleged fight was about but Walto’s on a 30-day suspension with intent to dismiss.


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