Heating Up: Sam Katz Meetups; Bulletin Revisited

Mayoral flirt Sam Katz has been meeting up with influential African American leaders in recent weeks “he would need to win over if he is going to exploit Mayor Michael Nutter’s apparent weakness with black voters,” the Inky reported yesterday.

And apparently, they’re either not saying what they’re telling him or telling him to run for the hills:

“I urged him not to do it,” said J. Whyatt Mondesire, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP. Even if he won, Mondesire said, Katz would fail to gain the backing of a majority of City Council’s 17 members. “He could not govern,” he said. “It would be an almost impossible hurdle for him to achieve.”

The Inky also revealed that as it pertains to Philadelphia’s voting public, M. Nutt’s approval ratings are higher amongst whites than blacks, with 42 percent of blacks approving of M. Nutt’s job and 53 percent of whites doing the same – though Nutter wins head-to-head with Katz when African-American voters are polled. We don’t want to get all giddy about the 2011 elections when the 2010 ones haven’t happened yet, but we’re pretty psyched for it. Definitely psyched.

Oh, and if Katz runs as a Democrat, where does the Bulletin (note: their site is currently “not active”) play in all this? They were, of course, big Katz supporters after the fact. But we doubt they’d be able to throw their weight behind something as anti-family as a Democrat.

Off topic, sorta: You know that viral “I wish America were the character John Wayne plays in movies” op/ed by Jane Gilvary last week in said “family newspaper”? Well, as it turns out, the right wing is so into that idea (go Jane!), they’ve been telling each other they’d rather have Vladimir Putin as president than President Obama – cause he’s more badass.

If you’ll notice, RedState.com posted this not long after Gilvary’s “American men are girly and suck” column.

And not too much later, Drudge Report just, you know, pointed out in a headline titled “Summer Snapshots,” President Obama was seen on vacation riding a bike – with a helmet, like a pussy – this summer while Putin was shooting gigantic sharks, like a man’s man!

And just so we’re not beating around the bush, in addition to conspiracies pertaining to President Obama being a Muslim-socialist-terrorist, they also believe he’s gay. There are often conversations up on Free Republic and other Internet sites dedicated to self loathing and anger about proof existing showing that not only did Barack Obama and his Reverend Wright have a homosexual relationship, but Barry Obama Soereto (his REAL, Indonesian name) had homosexual relationships with lots and lots of people (“Obama and Emmanuel: Members of same gay bath house in Chicago” goes one headline), all of whom were later murdered by Obama’s “thugs” so he could become the first black president and rule over the U.S., and eventually the world, according to Sharia law. If America wasn’t so into V-neck T-shirts and everything that isn’t John Wayne, we wouldn’t be in this mess we call America, 2010! Gilvary: wise beyond her years.

2 Responses to “ Heating Up: Sam Katz Meetups; Bulletin Revisited ”

  1. Larry W says:

    The local NAACP… well, they suck if for nothing more than their lack of involvement in South Philly High:


    As for Sam Katz… I was more in favor of him when he a Republican because the fact that the Democrats have been in power for 50+ years in this city is part of the reason we have so much corruption in our local government. One-party control tends to do that. But I wouldn’t mind him replacing Nutter.

  2. Sam Durso says:

    Sam Katz conceivably could win the Democratic primary (which decides the mayor’s race, until Philly Republicans or Greens become less self-destructive/offer solutions to BOTH North Philly moms and Center City businesses, as both need help) if Tony Williams runs.

    But if Katz and Williams both run, Williams has a better shot of winning. Katz’s constituency, particularly among Dems, is so close to Nutter’s, they’d likely fight for the same votes, while Williams held enough in traditional African American neighborhoods to win.

    And, unless you believe vouchers and greedy businessmen are all schools need to succeed (and say “hi” to everyone in 1994 if you do), Mayor Williams is not preferable to Mayor Nutter.

    And, anyway, Williams has stated clearly he isn’t running in ‘11.

    I don’t see how Katz can beat Nutter head-to-head in an election in which only Democrats vote.

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