Walter D. Palmer Students March on District Headquarters, Demand $1.7 Million from Ackerman (UPDATE: Video)

IMG_0775While most kids in Philadelphia headed back to the classrooms today, students from the Walter D. Palmer Leadership Charter School got a real-world lesson in protest and activism. About 500 students, parents, teachers and administrators from the Northern Liberties school marched down Broad Street this morning to the Philadelphia School District headquarters on Spring Garden.

Once there, the group spent an hour out front giving speeches and chanting for Superintendent Arlene Ackerman and School Reform Commission Chair Robert Archie, who didn’t show.

At issue is $1.7 million that school founder Walter Palmer says the district owes the school for three years of operation as a high-school. Palmer’s charter agreement capped enrollment at 675 students for a K-8 school, but he says he expanded to include grades 9-12 based on an oral agreement with former Superintendent Paul Vallas.

The district never paid for the expansion, and the school, currently serving 925 children, is operating at a deficit, Palmer says. “The charter school office failed to do the resolutions and paperwork they were supposed to do. As a result, the district has ignored paying us,” he says. “The money went somewhere. We’ve been educating these children. Where’d the money go?”

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Palmer is a veteran of school activism, having led a student walkout 43 years ago today in Philadelphia demanding more black representation in school administration and on the board. “I went to jail in ‘67 and I was prepared to go to jail today to make the case,” he says. Fortunately for students who may not have wanted their real-world education to extend to the inside of a prison cell, no arrests were reported.

Representatives from the district did not immediately respond to request for comment, but they have snubbed Palmer’s demands in the past in the Inquirer:

“Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School is out of compliance for enrollment,” Lisa Mastoon, a district spokeswoman, said Wednesday [August 11]. “The school was never authorized by the SRC to serve more than 675 students.”

By noon, the protest was over, but it was still the first day of school– so the kids went back to the classrooms for some old-fashioned book learning.


Photos and video: Tyree Dumas

45 Responses to “ Walter D. Palmer Students March on District Headquarters, Demand $1.7 Million from Ackerman (UPDATE: Video) ”

  1. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Sometimes I think we need to go back to the days of segregation, to make non black kids share a classroom with most blacks kids in this city is cruel and unusual punishment. Most black kids have no interest in actually “learning,” school for them is a place to hangout and chase members of the opposite or same (for the downlowers) sex. The Government has already wasted billions trying to make black kids “smarter,” and it has been all for nothing, graduation rates are still a joke. The Asians take education serious for the most part, to stick them in classrooms with blacks that don’t is bad for everyone.

  2. Saddened by South Philly says:

    Clearly South Philly Old Timer is blaming his/her own lack of education on students of color, seeing as your use of punctuation is laughable. As one of the “black kids” that you see so unfit to learn in the same classrooms as “non black kids”, I am not only enraged but saddened to have to read your backwards and unfounded opinions. Before making blanket, and for all intents and purposes, unrelated statements about segregation, please research your arguments. I, too, am disappointed by graduation rates for all students of color (not just black) and hope that Philadelphia can get fully behind the Education Reform movement that is happening in this country. However it is people like you, South Philly, that make it impossible to move forward.

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  4. South Philly Old Timer says:

    I have a degree from a local university, so your talk about me being “uneducated” is just a blatant lie. You can sugarcoat things all you want, the fact is black kids hold back non black kids in the classroom. Just wait outside your local public school when the days ends, and you’ll see how these black kids act. Me being politically correct is not going to make black kids smarter, so get real! I see you have to attack the messenger and not the message, because you can’t defend the abysmal performance of black students.

  5. anonymous says:

    Comments on this site are not moderated, I presume?

  6. concerned parent says:

    i would like to reply to what the old timers had to say. first of all its because of ignorant people like your selfs to make such an ignorant comment as u did. if im not mistaken we are in the year of 2010 where people of all colors, shapes and sizes can come together for a great cause!! education is not about ignorance its about us learning an sticking together. how can we teach our children to be kind an respectful if there are still people as ignortant as thee old timers going around and publicizing such nonsense!!! who are they to judge such a great place of learning if they have no idea about thee children or parents who attend the school of walter d. palmer. i would love to invite thee old timer to come an see for themselves what a great educational facility the school is. Dr. Palmer has done a great job and i will stand tall behind him in the struggle for the school to get what is owed!!!

  7. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Concerned Parent, I’m not being ignorant, I’m being honest. All the assertions I’ve made about black students are supported by cold hard facts. The vast majority of black students do not go to school to learn, which is made clear by their poor test scores and abysmal graduation rates. It is a crime to force non black students to share a classroom with the majority of black students, they just hold back innocent non black students, who just want to learn in a peaceful environment! Despite the billions of dollars the government has spent educating black kids, they still are performing badly. Any more money spent on “educating” black kids would be a complete waste, as it has been for the last fifty years. It is child abuse to make non black kids share a classroom with black kids, look what the blacks did to the Asian students in South Philadelphia High School, and it was covered up by the School Board and City, because they are too intimidated to speak the truth about black kids, and I am sick of it. We need to grow up in this country, and stop thinking blacks are immune to critcism, they are not,and they need to be treated like everyone else. More funding is NOT going to make black kids smarter, third world children in China and India perform much better then black students, despite receiving very little in the way of funding from their respected governments. As they said in the hood, “lets keep it real!”

  8. Chris says:

    As a teacher, I am offended by the comments made by South Philly. While you may be right about SOME black students, it is unfair to say this about all. I work in Philadelphia, and see alot of bright futures. Too bad everywhere they look they see literature and opinions about inner city children that are negative. There are so many problems inner city children face, regardless of race, that pose major challenges to them everyday. Some of these children you speak of thrive, despite the fact that they come from PISS POOR homes. South Philly keep your racist agenda to yourself. We live in America. Everyone deserves the right to a FAIR education. Not a one filled with segregation. Just thought I would throw the fact out there that I am white.

  9. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Chris, you can call me a racist all you want, the word has totally lost its value in the modern world, because it just used to intimidate and censor people who don’t tow the PC line. Liberals are big on this, they want to slander everyone who doesn’t share their beliefs, they remind of religious extremist. Pointing out black kids are a problem in schools is not racist, it’s a fact. I grew up poor, my parents didn’t graduate high school, and had seven children, but they had values and a work ethic. That is why me and my siblings all graduated. The way black kids act and perform in school has nothing to do with economics, but culture and genetics. The dirt poor kids in India and China for example wipe the floor academically with blacks kids, despite even having enough food to eat. I never said blacks don’t deserve the right to an education in this country, my point is non black parents should have the right to not have their children share a classroom with black kids. I’ve seen loads of non black kids who’ve had to go to school with black kids, and it has destroyed their lives, because they were influenced by black kids and their culture. I don’t want kids to have their lives ruined just to appease black people, that is ludicrous.

  10. Chris says:

    You are generalizing SOUTH PHILLY. You cant say ALL black kids and black parents are a problem. That’s just garbage. Alot of people grow up poor. I did. I went to school as the minority white student amongst blacks. I turned out fine. It’s a case by case basis. Don’t blame black students in a school for affecting a minority student (asian, white, hispanic). Did you ever stop to think that black students are affected by crap behavior as well? No, you are keeping things seperate by race. Get a clue. You obviously do not have one. Make a point. You obviously don’t have one.

  11. South Philly Old Timer says:

    I concede not all black kids are trouble in schools, but there are enough of them to make it very dangerous to send your kids to school with them. I feel for the good black kids who go to school and want to learn, but I don’t feel so much for them that I want non black kids to have their lives destroyed because they have to share a classroom with the bad black kids. I’ve spent time in Furness, South Philadelphia High School, BOK, and Audenreid, they were out of control places because of black students. I was lucky enough to go to Catholic Schools, so despite living in a heavily black neighborhood, I was able to get a reprieve. Kids today spend more time at school then they do with their parents, so to have them spending the majority of their time in schools with black kids who don’t want to learn and just cause trouble is destroying the lives of these non black kids, and it needs to stop.

  12. Chris says:

    Souht Philly Old Timer you couldnt be more wrong. I am sorry you have had such a horrible experience and want to place blame on others. You just showed your racist colors by saying you feel for black kids who deal with the bad black kids, but not enough that you want non black kids to have their lives destroyed by this same thing. You are so one sided on this. Kids in Philly schools of all race suffer from the crappy kids that go to the schools. You are just a racist who wants to blame blacks. And I am the crackerest white mother fucker ever.

  13. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Chris, how can I be racist? All I am doing is stating the facts. Black kids make school a living hell for non black kids, in general. Black kids are more prone to violence, more likely to perform badly academically, they are more likely to dropout. Your only defense is to call me a racist, how lame. The Asians know the black kids ruin schools, because they havent been brainwashed like us “white” Americans, atleast not yet. I don’t believe you’re a teacher for one second either, because if you were, you would be agreeing with me. You sit here and call someone a racist when half of blacks can’t even graduate in a school system thats been dumbed down for the last thirty years….. Even Obama knows the black kids in this counry can’t compete in a global economy.

  14. Chris says:

    South Philly I am a teacher. I am proud to help out whoever walks in my classroom. Some kids are at a disadvantage. Not all of them can go to CATHOLIC SCHOOL like you brag about. You have such an opinion about this, yet you have no REAL solution. You want to segregate schools. LAME. Your thinking is as dated as country clubs. Your relevance to today’s society is little to none. Your dated thinking makes you important only in your household. You don’t have a solution for the problems that Philly schools face. How dare you question whether I am a teacher or not. Any teacher in Philly who thinks like you should not be teaching in Philly. I am proud to say I have had success with my students. I am glad to say they stay in touch with me. I am proud to know they are making strides to this day. I am proud to say that some of them will graduate and go to college. Do you racist self a favor and go sit in your dated recliner and rot while watching CNN.

  15. Saddened by South Philly says:

    Amen, Chris. Thank you for your hard work in the schools. We definitely need more teachers like you!

    South Philly your comments are generalized and ignorant. Perhaps your limited view of the world is why you struggled in school, not because of the black students. At this point your commentary is just repetitive and you are not offering anything insightful beyond the grudge you hold against black people.

  16. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Chris you have no argument, all you can do is call me a racist, because you can’t defend the performance of black kids in school. The liberals keep talking about how we need to spend more money to educate black kids, but we already spend billions. More money is not going to make them smarter, no shot of that happening. The dirt poor kids of China, India, and other poor countries do leaps and bounds better then black kids in schools, so the funding myth needs to be put to be for an eternity. Blacks can’t even graduate from college in six years in most cases, and this is after the colleges have lowered their admission standards to appease black people. Now, these are all facts, nothing racist about it. I will keep bringing it up until black people start performing better in school. Let non black kids have the choice to share a classsroom with black kids instead of being forced, so they can do their academic thing without having to be heldback or disturbed by black kids. Chris my views don’t come from CNN, they coming from living amongst black people.

    Saddened you need to stop lying to yourself, it is not racist to say black kids perform badly in school or make the school experience bad for non black kids, because they do, it is a fact of life. I’m not going to be censored in America in the year 2010 just because my views are considered too truthful to you and your kind, you can’t intimidate me.

  17. Chris says:

    South Philly no one said you can’t say what you are saying. No one is trying to scare you. I’m asking you to challenge MY OWN successes in Philadelphia. You can’t. My children continually reach benchmarks on state testing. They go up reading levels, regardless of race. Black people make up such a small percentage of children in our schools. Stop acting like the educational issues in America are simply black. How come rural WHITE America has so many illiterates and dropouts with nothing to fall back on? Why aren’t you bringing that up? Because you are ignorant to that fact. Way to forget to include ACTUAL FACTS. You are a racist. You can deny it all you want. You have excluded so many facts to make your racist argument.

  18. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Here is some commentary from a brave and honest man that recently taught in a black majority school. It looks like the problem with black students isn’t confined to Philly. It is a crime to send non black kids to school with most black kids.

    What is it Like to Teach Black Students?

    by Christopher Jackson

    Until recently I taught at a predominantly
    black high school in a southeastern

    The mainstream press gives a hint of
    what conditions are like in black schools,
    but only a hint. Expressions that journalists
    use like “chaotic” or “poor learning
    environment” or “lack of discipline” do
    not capture what really happens. There
    is nothing like the day-to-day experience
    of teaching black children and that is
    what I will try to convey.

    One of the most immediately striking
    things about my students was that they
    were loud. They had little conception of
    ordinary decorum. It was not unusual
    for five students to be screaming at
    me at once.

    It did no good to try to quiet them and
    white women were particularly inept at
    trying. I sat in on one woman’s class as
    she begged the children to pipe down.
    They just yelled louder so their voices
    would carry over hers.

    So many of them seemed to have no conception of waiting for
    an appropriate time to say something.
    They would get ideas in their heads and
    simply had to shout them out. I might be
    leading a discussion on government and
    suddenly be interrupted: “We gotta get
    more Democrats! Clinton, she good!”
    The student may seem content with that
    outburst but two minutes later, he would
    suddenly start yelling again: “Clinton

    Anyone who is around young blacks
    will probably get a constant diet of rap music.
    Blacks often make up their own jingles,
    and it was not uncommon for 15
    boys to swagger into a classroom,
    bouncing their shoulders and jiving back.

    They were yelling back and forth, rapping 15 different sets of
    words in the same harsh, rasping dialect.
    The words were almost invariably
    a childish form of boasting: “Who got
    dem shine rim, who got dem shine shoe,
    who got dem shine grill (gold and silver
    dental caps)?” The amateur rapper usually
    ends with a claim—in the crudest
    terms imaginable—that all womankind
    is sexually devoted to him. For whatever
    reason, many of my students would often groan
    instead of saying a particular word, as in,
    “She suck dat aaahhhh (think of a long
    grinding groan), she f**k dat aaaahhhh,
    she lick dat aaaahhh.”

    So many black girls dance in the hall, in the classroom,
    on the chairs, next to the chairs, under
    the chairs, everywhere. Once I took a
    call on my cell phone and had to step
    outside of class. I was away about two
    minutes but when I got back,
    girls had lined up at the front of the
    classroom and were convulsing to the
    delight of the boys.

    Blacks, on average, are the most directly critical
    people I have ever met: “Dat shirt stupid.
    Yo’ kid a bastard. Yo’ lips big.” Unlike
    whites, who tread gingerly around the
    subject of race, they can be brutally to
    the point. Once I needed to send a student
    to the office to deliver a message. I
    asked for volunteers, and suddenly you
    would think my classroom was a bastion
    of civic engagement. Thirty dark hands
    shot into the air. My students loved to
    leave the classroom and slack off, even
    if just for a few minutes, away from the
    eye of white authority. I picked a light-skinned
    boy to deliver the message. One
    very black student was indignant: “You
    pick da half-breed.” And immediately
    other blacks take up the cry, and half
    a dozen mouths are screaming, “He

    For decades, the country has been
    lamenting the poor academic performance
    of blacks and there is much to
    lament. There is no question, however,
    that many blacks come to school with a
    serious handicap that is not their fault.
    At home they have learned a dialect that
    is almost a different language. Blacks
    not only mispronounce words; their
    grammar is often wrong. When a black
    wants to ask, “Where is the bathroom?”
    he may actually say “Whar da badroom
    be?” Grammatically, this is the equivalent
    of “Where the bathroom is?” And
    this is the way they speak in high school.
    Students write the way they speak, so
    this is the language that shows up in
    written assignments.

    It is true that some whites face a
    similar handicap. They speak with
    what I would call a “country” accent
    that is hard to reproduce but results in
    sentences such as “I’m gonna gemme
    a Coke.” Some of these country whites
    had to learn correct pronunciation and
    usage. The difference is that most whites
    overcome this handicap and learn to
    speak correctly; many blacks do not.

    Read the Rest Here:

  19. Chris says:

    You South Philly are completely FUCKED in the head. Way to disregard what I previously said. There are plenty of illiterate, uneducated white kids in this country. Stop making our education issues into race issues. Do me a favor and move somewhere in the US in which you dont have to encounter black folks. They bother you so much. Get OUT!

  20. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Yes, there is uneducated and unruly white children, but they aren’t as numerous as black children, and they haven’t destroyed hundreds of schools across the country. I’ll say it again, not all black kids are bad, but there is enough black kids that are bad to make it acceptable to avoid their schools. If there is five apples in a basket and two of them are laced with cyanide, are you going to eat any of the apples and chance getting poisoned to death? No, you’re not, unless you’re insane or desperate. Better teachers or more money isn’t going to change the situation, only blacks can do that. It is the poor of other races who have to deal with these black kids, not the rich white liberals, so I have no use for their opinions. I’ve seen so many non black kids have their life destroyed because they had to go to black majority school. The brother of my ex girl friend is one of them, he was a good kid for the most part until he had to go to a black majority high shcool. He started hanging out with black kids and acting like them, now he’s in his mid 20’s and been in prison since he was 18, he gets out in a few years when he’ll be around 30, with a bleak future ahead of him. If he didn’t go to school with black kids, I doubt he’d be where he is today.

  21. Chris says:

    SouthPhilly I have an idea. Why don’t you come to my school and tell all these black children that you speak of about your idea. Tell them how they are the problem. Tell them how they mess things up for nonblacks. I bet you couldn’t do this. You know why? You are a coward who hides behind a computer screen. Real big man you are sitting in your house talking all this junk. When it comes down to it, you don’t have the guts to REALLY tell people this. Admit it.

  22. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Chris send me your email address and I’ll send you my phone number, and we can set something up. I am not afraid anyone, and always speak my mind if the situation calls for it. I’m willing to meet anyone here, as long as it is in a public place, we can meet at Barnes and Nobles on Broad and Chestnut.

  23. Chris says:

    South Philly you must think I am dumb. I am not putting my info on a public website. My job requires me to avoid crap like that. You are a fraud. Why do I want to go to Barnes and Nobles to talk about how racist you are? We are at a stalemate. You are just a racist old man who wishes things were like they used to be. Your country club mentality doesnt belong in today’s society. I win this argument by nature of OBVIOUS. I get the last word. You lose. Peace.

  24. South Philly Old Timer says:

    I’m not a racist, and if 30 is old sign me up for Social Security baby! You can open up a phony email account, and we can talk on the phone and meet in a public setting, I’m just a few blocks from Center City. You can even bring your boy friend! Everyone who knows me will vouch for me that I’m not a racist, but I do speak my mind, which is a right in this country. I’m also not the type who does the same thing, but expects different results, that is insanity, and I aint crazy…. My society is the society of the future, as more poor people lose their jobs and standard of living they will be jumping on my shoulders, because they will be sick of having their tax dollars going into the black hole that is funding for black kids in school.

  25. Chris says:

    I win. And not only are you racist, you are also HOMOPHOBIC. You belong in a trailer park with your moral standards Billy Bob.

  26. South Philly Old Timer says:

    You lost buddy, you’re the one who started the name calling because you couldn’t back up your argument with facts, but resorted to the hysterical rants of someone with low intellect and class. You’re afraid to meet me in real life, lets do it, right in this city, and see if you’ll still have the guts to call me a racist.

  27. Chris says:

    I believe I am the first one who posed a challenge. For you to go into these schools you speak of and tell the students and admin about how you feel. You never responded to that. You started all this with your garbage racial talk. You don’t have to prove to anyone that you are not a racist. That can’t be taken back. You already are one sir. And judging from other comments you made on here, you are also homophobic. Good day. I have argued circles around you. Don’t sign up for anyone’s debate team anytime soon. Your position is wack.

  28. South Philly Old Timer says:

    I’ll go in these schools, and i will talk to these kids, I got no problem with that. These kids need a dose of reality, not a bunch out of touch white liberals from the suburbs kissing their ass. That has been going on for forty plus years and hasn’t helped black kids one bit. If you look at this discussion you’re the only one who seems to be racist. You talk down on people because they live in trailers, or have white skin, if that ain’t racist then what the fuck is? Does living in a trailer make a person a piece of shit? I think homosexuality is disgusting, but that don’t make me a “homophobe” whatever the fuck that means, just another made up word to intimidate people who don’t agree with homosexuality into shutting the fuck up. For fucks sake, there are billions of Muslims, Christians, and Jews against homosexuality in this world. The media is the only one promoting homosexuality, but they don’t show the real face of homosexuality, just the glamorized “sex in the city” version. They don’t show or tell you homosexuals are more likely to have STD’s, depression, commit suicide, abuse drugs and alcohol, have loads of sex partners, etc. I’m close to the black position on homosexuality, then the position white sheeple have taken. Homosexuality is still taboo in the black community, and not glamorized like it is in the white community. It doesn’t surprise me though, whites are the only people gullible enough to buy into the suicidal teachings of liberalism. All the other groups like backs, Asians, Arabs, Indians, etc, are taught to worry about their own kind exsclusively, while whites are taught to worry about everyone but whites, even those who can’t stand them. Its a fucked up world, ain’t it?

  29. Chris says:

    Maybe to you. But how dare you say white people from the suburbs as if you think that is where I am from. I grew up in the city of Pittsburgh as a white man in a predominately black neighborhood. I went the public school route and have made something of myself. Many kids I graduated with did as well. You really have no idea what you are talking about. Everything you just said points out to your racism and homophobia. You act like you know EVERYONE and what they say and think. There are plenty of black folks in this city who try their hardest to make a living. It is unfair for you to pigeonhole everyone into one group. You are the scum of the earth.

  30. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Yes, there are hardworking and good black people, but there are enough bad black people, to make someone want to avoid living around black people in general. I can’t take every black person and give them a thorough interview and decide if they are good or bad. I can look at statistics though, and come away with an educated opinion. I can look at the stats for a zip code in North Philly for example and see that there is such and such amount of crime and poverty, and decide it is not a good place to live. Now, there could also be plenty of good black people in that zip code, but that don’t mean I should live in that poverty and violent stricken area because there are. My argument has never been about painting an entire people with a broad brush, it is about making an informed decision with the information I have available. Here’s another example, say I’m going to a prostitute, now all prostitutes don’t have HIV/Aids, or an STD, but a good deal do, but since not all, that doesn’t mean I’ll have unprotected sex with one, I’ll either use protection or avoid having sex with them. I will use common sense and understand I’m putting myself at risk, because although not all prostitutes have some kind of STD, but chances are they are more likely to have one then a non prostitute. That goes back to my issue with black kids and school, not all are bad, but there is enough bad ones to make me want to avoid the situation if I can.

  31. Chris says:

    Then avoid it. But it is unfair to say whites or asians who live in these troubled areas should have other options, while the good black kids should not. All GOOD STUDENTS should have an opportunity to receive a good education and a fair education. Regardless of what race they are.

  32. cassie78 says:

    im an student there an you are so ignorent south philly i am an student there an i dare you for one day to come to out school your mad cause yu want us to be like ur kids proably going to an school with no education like wat can i say im smart im an “black” child an i can’t complain so i dare you an if yu just want to label us an yu can’t cause anything that we think of we can dream of anything we dream we can become so deal with it..

  33. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Cassie, I ain’t jealous of you, I pity you, and giggle at your bloated ego, you can’t even write in English for christsake, despite it being your native language. I’m not labeling you either, I’m telling you the truth, something no one has probably ever done to ya.

  34. Educated CEO says:

    I would like to reply personally to South Philly Old Timer: Since I work in the school district and have administrative powers. With a graduate degree, and being african american, I am not offended and your remarks. African Americans we like to blame others, that stuff is bulls***. We need to say look, let me get educated and have a good life. I go and travel all across this country, and it’s not many successful African Americans as myself. Dr. Palmer school is just another way the “district” wants to fudge numbers and have restrictions on sub-agencies. Your governor Ed Rendell has alot to do with this. He brought Ackerman here, the school district chief business officer is a rendell kickback (fmr. budget sec’y), one of the assistant superintendent’s is rendell’s former deputy education sec’y. Dr. Palmer school is owed that money! You have educated folks that are in the district with multiple graduate degrees and don’t get the recognition or elevated promotions. I know a gentlemen that has a doctorate degree, Juris doctorate, and special education degree, and has a principal certificate, and a letter of eligibility for superintendent, this district is to prejudicial even with a African American superintendent to elevate an African to that post! Dr. Palmer fight for those funds.

  35. South Philly Old Timer says:

    Educated CEO, thanks for your response, it is always refreshing to see a black American speak the truth. I actually think it more the white Americans who make excuses for black Americans do on thier own. It would be nuts to ignore the problems black kids have done in schools, and it is has little to do with funding. One of the great injustices in this country is people are hired not because of their education or qualifications, but for their race and sex. You have qualified people being passed over because they aren’t a particular race or aren’t female, its beyond stupid.

  36. John says:

    Educated CEO,

    You do not sound like you work for the district. You also don’t seem to be as educated as you claim. Maybe you need to hire an editor before you type that rant. I highly doubt you work for the district. You say you are a CEO. Charter Schools have CEOs. HMMMMMM. I wonder which charter school you work at. You are awfully quick to support Walter Palmer. Keep it real. Don’t lie.

  37. jaime says:

    South Philly Old Timer,

    I know you probably mean the things you have said, but you are also having fun being controversial and making waves. You are seeking reaction, not speaking truths. Your naive observations are right, and any uneducated person in respect to racial issues would believe the same. Now, I am not saying you are uneducated, I am saying that you are making assumptions based on daft opinion rather than historical context and fact. A self-proclaimed educated person should know better than that. Go read a book about the history of African Americans in this country, the atrocities we have put them through, and then acted as though we were doing them a favor by offering equal rights and ending segregation in the 1960’s. If you think slavery and then hundreds of years of racial segregation had no impact on the psyche and well-being of this community, then you clearly are proving yourself naive. The Asian culture has always been educationally oriented, so of course we consider them a successful minority. But, we denied African-Americans the right to education for so long that we stripped their culture of ever becoming academically oriented. And now you blame them for that because you think this all happened so long ago. The generations that faced segregation are still alive and the effects will be felt for generations to come. In law, a harm is called a tort, and a tort is remedied through financial compensation. A payment to a school primarily serving black children should not have to be fought for, it is owed and deserved. And your naive comments maintain the status quo of judgment, hatred, and naivete. I see Catholic school did wonders….

  38. Northeaster says:

    South Philly is right in that there is a large segment of the US population that is essentially ineducable, but he is wrong to blame only blacks for this. Unruly, aggressive, out of hand students aren’t just black, they are also hispanic and white (although he is right there aren’t too many Asians acting out of hand or slacking in class). Its children who have parents who have never worked a day at a real job in their entire life. Now are a disproportionate amount of these students black? Of course, black kids tend to come from poor families at a higher rate. The idea that black people are genetically predisposed to being stupid looks kind of silly at this point. There are plenty of very wealthy blacks and a sizable and growing black middle class. The reason blacks do poorly in school is poverty. Now South Philly and the other Catholics will retort that their parents or grandparents were poor and they had values and respect and their children became successful. Of course they did and their stories are truly the American dream. However, coming here as an immigrant is quite different than being raised poor. Immigrants who come to America are here primarily to become successful. They basically made a huge gamble and had to make it work. When someone is raised poor, in the projects, Section 8 housing, etc. They become institutionalized. Just like jail. That is what life is to them. What else do people do? To blame it on race is foolish and its the easy way out for this country. If only the problem was so easy as blaming a skin color. The problem, unfortunately, is much more complex than that. The problem is that we, as a moral society, should have a social safety net, but said social safety net is creating hordes of institutionalized kids, raised to be nothing but consumers of tax dollars.

  39. Northeaster says:

    Also, the way to “weed out” the good kids from the bad is charter schools and vouchers. It lets the educable kids (the ones with drive or parents who care) leave the public school system while leaving the others behind. I spent 8 years in parochial school and 5 years in public school (2nd grade at a K8 public school and HS at Central), and the kids at both my parochial school and Central were essentially the same “kind” of kid, no matter their race, religion or whatever. They wanted to grow up to have a good, solid life. Central’s about 30% black, but the difference is no one from the projects goes there.

  40. SocialReject says:

    While I despise descrimination on any level you must understand one simple point: Even if you put lipstick on a pig to improve it’s appearance it is still a pig. The blame lies with those charged to educate the children (SRC and Ackerman) who continue to make race an issue. Whether it’s no bid contracts or school violence, it’s unacceptable behavior. How many more children have to suffer before these pigs are run out of town?

  41. SocialReject says:


  42. Tina says:

    I agree that we (blacks) need to work more effectively with our children overall. That’s what I will accomplish with my own life and it doesn’t have to be with my own, necessarily (I have none right now). I hope black parents will join me in channeling our kids’ abilities in a more positive direction.

  43. Barry says:

    I dislike the comments made by south philly fickin old timer come to my school and im an white kid and i’ll fuck your dum ass up pussy

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