It Begins: Street Did Some Weird Stuff At PHA, Too

030206johnstreetAll you need to know is that the Inky is writing about former Mayor John Street the same way they began writing about Philadelphia Housing Authority head Carl Greene. Calm, but icy. They’re just saying – for now – that the former mayor, as chairman of the PHA board, “insisted that the agency hire [a female] aide who reported directly to him instead of to Executive Director Carl R. Greene.”

And guess who’s not into this whole thing?

Mayor Nutter, who currently chairs the RDA, and labor leader John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty, who chaired the authority before Nutter, both said they had never asked that someone be hired there to report to them. They declined to offer their opinions on Street’s decision.

Representatives of the Philadelphia Parking Authority, Philadelphia Gas Works, and the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp., a quasi-government agency that promotes economic development, all said there were no employees at their organizations who were hired at the request of, and reported to, the board chair.

If you answered “everyone who works for the city and wants to keep their jobs,” you were correct. And if you only answered a frothing at the mouth Mayor Nutter (the most obvious answer), that’s half a point.

On Thursday, the Inquirer reported that Greene hired private detectives to conduct surveillance on Kafi Lindsay, a lawyer who worked at the PHA for $55,000 a year as an aide to Board Chairman Street.

Greene suspected that Lindsay was not showing up for work, a charge both she and Street denied.

Street said he hired Lindsay because without her, he was dependent upon Greene to get basic staff work performed. “If I wanted a phone call made or answered, I had to get someone in his office,” Street said.

Let’s go with something else a second, shall we? (We shall.) Let’s go with the whole Katz situation. Sam Katz, as you know, will likely be running for mayor against M. Nutt in the Democratic primary, and he’s, as of now, the only potential candidate with a shot at overruling the reign of terror M. Nutt’s brought upon us (we kid, Nutt!). Unfortunately he’s allowed John Street to infiltrate his potential candidacy, having lunch with the dude, letting local media find out that Street’s been recruiting him to run for office, etc. And while Katz could probably use the help, and M. Nutt would be hard to unseat no matter what, the reality is that in the eyes of the informed, undecided voter (I know, usually an oxymoron), what’s bad for Street is bad for Katz. It’s strange, because they ran against each other twice, and Katz could easily be tossing grenades from the sidelines at this point with regard to the PHA controversy. Unfortunately, he’s chosen his sides. And the way our source for this blog was written, it don’t look good for the former Republican.

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