Seth Williams Wins 2011 Eisenhower Fellowship, Going To Australia

Your District Attorney, Seth Williams, is one of seven people across the country to be selected (and announced lefttop2by General Colin Powell, Chairman of the Eisenhower Fellows) for the Eisenhower fellowship. Is this good? Let’s bullet it out.

•    Becoming a fellow means you get a four to five week “individualized professional program” to check out other parts of the world. FREE VACATION!

•    Of finding yourself overseas, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Eisenhower Fellowships and former NJ guv Christine Todd Whitman, says, “We live in a globalized world. An Eisenhower Fellowship will allow these outstanding men and women to bring new insights from world experts back to their communities and to form a network of lasting relationships that will make them global leaders in their fields.” (Or in Teabagger: Copy them for-ners/Become unuhmerikin’!)

•    And where does Seth Williams plan on finding himself/getting EVEN SMARTER ON CRIME in between not taking our calls for comment: Australia and Ireland!

•    You know what that (potentially) means, right? New gun laws! According to “The Wikipedias“, Australia has “very tight restrictions which are far less controlled in comparable societies.” To own firearms down under you need a “Genuine Reason” or a “General Need” – and “self defense” doesn’t count.

•    In 2000, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Research Institute conducted an International Crime Victims Survey, comparing ownership in Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK. They found that only 10 percent of Aussies owned guns, down 45 percent since 1989, when public massacres and then government restriction really came into play.

•    Oh, and  you can’t carry guns around in Australia unless you’re going to a shooting range or related facility.

Just food for thought. Yum.

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