He Did It: Rendell Lays Off Workers To Balance Budget

Remember how the PA legislature passed an illegitimate, fake budget with all that federal money they counted on and rendell627only sorta got? Well, Rendell’s doing what he warned he’d do if he didn’t get all $850 million. Laying people off. The conclusion of his gubernatorial run is going just magically, don’t ya think?

From Philly.com via AP:

The Rendell administration is laying off 50 employees to balance the recession-riddled state budget.

Rendell’s Office of Administration said the layoffs began today and include 19 from the Corrections Department and 15 from the Health Department.

The budget Rendell signed in July was $28 billion, an increase of less than 1 percent. But lower-than-expected federal budget aid forced Rendell to trim $282 million more from the budget.

And relatedly (not a real word), according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, that whole recession thingy ended in 2009. So, no need to worry about the budget next year, Corbett/Onorato. Everything will be dandy.

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