Two More Cops Busted for Drug Theft

aliveraluciano It’s just weed this time, no big deal, right?

Police officers Sean Alivera, 31, and Christopher Luciano, 23 (picture to the right– look how young and innocent he looks), were arrested last night for allegedly stealing three grand and 20 pounds of weed from a North Philly drug dealer. Only it wasn’t a real dealer, it was another cop. Busted!

We’re sure Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is getting tired of holding press conferences like this. He’s been on damage control all summer, most relatedly for three officers who were arrested in a similar sting involving heroin in July. “This is another embarrassment for our department, another in a long list, unfortunately, that we’ve had to endure over the past few months,” the commissioner said.

Check out the fine reporting from Philly Confidential:

Authorities were sketchy on the details of how Alivera and Luciano allegedly robbed the undercover officer, but they did say the cops initiated a traffic stop on the man, robbed him of his money and drugs, handcuffed him and took him back to the 25th District, where they themselves were arrested instead.

“The arrest took place … after observing all types of behavior that was inconsistent with police officers stopping a drug dealer, arresting that drug dealer, taking money and other contraband and placing them on property receipts,” [District Attorney Seth] Williams said.

The pair are getting charged with whatever laws get broken when cops steal drugs– robbery, conspiracy and so on. All for a little weed. What doesn’t make sense about this whole case is that cops take piss tests, so they couldn’t have even smoked it! On the plus side, they’re getting fired, so maybe they’ll have time to relax a little before the trial.

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  1. treeleggeemario says:

    All they wanted was a little easy money. The War On Drugs, especially, provides plenty of opportunities for corrupt LEO’s. Lax oversight, supervision and discipline allow chumps like these guys to decide to take a chance going over to the dark side. The dismissive perspective with regard to arrestee reports of drugs, money and goods that “went missing” during an arrest makes it alot easier for guys like these. Who are you going to believe, anyway? Enough so that they’d take a shot even though one in their own district got tagged only a few months ago for this type of crime. The manner in which the department thinks and operates makes this stuff alot more possible. Turn a blind eye,let things go, and soon you’ll think you’re in Mexico or a similar mess.

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