Fattah and Schwartz (And Others) Bring Money To Philly For Dilworth Plaza

3605032031_79960a2a55There are some area congressmen and women who are quite happy this morning. They got their TIGER (uppercut) grant and before you know it, Dilworth Plaza is going to be Dilworth Plaza of the future!

You know Representative Allyson Schwartz, right? The Nancy Pelosi of the east? Well, she’s taking full credit for $15 million in federal government grant money secured yesterday that’ll supposedly remake City Hall Station. From her press release:

U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz announced that the City of Philadelphia will receive $15 million for the renovation of Dilworth Plaza, one of the nation’s most highly visible but underutilized urban spaces. Schwartz sent a letter to U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood last year and has regularly communicated with the Secretary to secure these funds.

You know who else we’re thanking this morning? Representative Chaka Fattah, obvs. From his press release:

Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA), Pennsylvania’s senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, announced today that Philadelphia’s Center City District will receive $15 million to transform Dilworth Plaza at City Hall into a downtown centerpiece and transportation gateway.

Other congressmen who helped secure the money include Joe Sestak, Bob Brady (don’t think he wasn’t getting in on a little action) and Patrick Murphy. And here’s something: As of now, none of those three have anything up on their campaign sites promoting the funds. Why? Well, as usual we have a theory or three.

Brady: Doesn’t care. Pia Varma isn’t giving him a run for his or his donors’ money. He’d rather you focus on his nonprofit that’s keeping parades in the city – for now.

Sestak: This may have to do with the fact that Pennsylvanians hate the fuck out of Philadelphia (read comment boards) and Sestak wants to be “I’m not a Philly guy” for the last two weeks of the campaign – because, let’s be honest, the dude has our [as in, Philadelphia's] votes.

Murphy: This is the easiest one. Many Bucks County residents in the eighth district never liked him much. He only won in 2006 because of the part of his district that’s in Northeast Philly. And even at that, the margin of votes was so small, it was nothing to be proud of in such a Democratic landslide year. Murphy couldn’t name all the schools within his own district during a debate that year. And he’s clearly got bigger aspirations than Pennsylvania’s eighth. His constant reminders to us that he’s an Iraq War vet and his early support for candidate Obama in 2008, the fact that it was seen as anything at all, by anyone, must have stroked his ego quite. Now he’s losing to Mike Fitzpatrick. Like Sestak, he’s probably got those Northeast Philly votes locked up. It’s the suburbanites and hill people he’s got to fight for. And they don’t care about no fancy pants metropolitan train station.

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3 Responses to “ Fattah and Schwartz (And Others) Bring Money To Philly For Dilworth Plaza ”

  1. Ray says:

    What’s missing in this nice picture are skateboarders. Unless there is a concerted effort to ban them, they will be there ruining the nice work. Take a walk along the west side of Macy’s at night and they are damaging the masonry and staring down pedestrians to get out of their way. Go to Logan Square Fountain when the water is drained for the winter and they are damaging the statues. Go to any public place and they are damaging what they can until they are chased away.

  2. Larry W says:

    I actually just don’t like the design of this thing.

    Then again, I don’t like the pyramid outside the Louvre, either.

  3. Guy Gadwois says:

    Allyson Schwartz likes wasting our money. She got SEPTA $6 million to do studies on a controversial parking garage in Jenkintown, and pissed off the business community in Bridesburg/Richmond.

    Schwartz is out for her little click of freinds and gets them the dough they need.

    Its time to vote out Schwartz and send her into retirement.

    Schwartz things $30 million for 246 parking spots in a garage at SEPTA’s Jenkintown-Wyncote station is good use of public money.

    Waste of taxpayer money is not a democratic value. Its time to let someone else represent the district who will get our region funding for responsible, neccecary projects, not waste for the likes of SEPTA.

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