DEBATE: Sestak Almost Says B-Word, Toomey Won’t Answer Palin Question

See last night’s debate? It was OK, right? Yeah, just OK.sestaktoomey

Here’s the breakdown of what you need to know, especially if you were at a bar getting ready for the Phillies game and/or watching Seinfeld and missed said slobberknocker.

Joe Sestak, who worked in the Pentagon on September 11th, said he walked out of the 5-sided building just minutes before the terrorist attack. This is significant. This adds to the conspiracy theories about Joe Sestak – yes, those exist (and are of course, quite stupid). I’m not going to link anywhere, but here’s the deal:

•    Joe Sestak is high-ranking military. This is immediate concern for a conspiracy.
•    Joe Sestak ousted Congressman Curt Weldon in 2006, after the Feds began investigating Weldon and his daughter. Weldon is responsible for exposing “Able Danger” which may or may not have proven that the American government was protecting one of the 9/11 hijackers in San Diego years before 9/11. Weldon also paid a lot – like, a lot – of attention to the idea of finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That is, way after the American government stopped even looking.
•    Joe Sestak ousted Arlen Specter, who expressed doubts that the anthrax attacks were Islamic terrorist plots.
•    Joe Sestak has a long history with American presidents and worked directly with Bill Clinton, a member of the so-called New World Order.

When speaking of 9/11 – this was during a question about trying terrorist suspects in American civilian courts – Sestak almost referred to the 9/11 terrorists and those who plotted the attacks as “those bastards” but he stopped himself.

George Stephanopolis asked Toomey if Sarah Palin was qualified to be President of the United States. The Republican didn’t answer, though we dry-heaved at the suggestion. Toomey instead said he appreciated anyone’s support, which we assume includes Alaskan jerks.

Our assessment: Toomey was flustered, angry and apathetic all at the same time. Sestak sometimes talked like George McFly before discovering Marty had been replaced in the car by Biff.

UPDATE: Jokes aside, if we want to talk about winning and losing and an actual fight on issues, which definitely happened last night, we’d have to give this one to Sestak. Any time a candidate says, during a debate — as Toomey did — “Check my website” for more information, you know said candidate is losing. Phawker wrote last night, “Lincoln vs. Douglas this ain’t” — but imagine one of those two told audiences to read up on the candidate’s stances on issues rather than state them live. We take the “Check the candidate’s website” for granted nowadays but if there’s something I don’t want my government representation doing (besides the obvious), it’s telling me to check their website and Twittering in incomprehensible grammar, which they all. fucking. do.

Christine O’Donnell, down in Delaware, has repeated the “check my website” statement several times during her debates with Chris Coons — and the biggest difference between Toomey and O’Donnell is that Toomey is supposed to actually know shit while O’Donnell is just supposed to remind us of Sarah Palin. There’s no other way she could have gotten this far.

We’ve said over and over again that Toomey can’t close this thing up, after months of opportunities. Now last night’s happened and we don’t see the late Sestak tide going out any time soon.

5 Responses to “ DEBATE: Sestak Almost Says B-Word, Toomey Won’t Answer Palin Question ”

  1. Anthony says:

    I don’t want Sestak to take away my healthcare!

  2. Amie says:

    what a dumb blog…

    What the does your title have to do with your opinion you wrote?

  3. Gordo says:

    I was working for then Rear Admiral Sestak in the Pentagon when the plane (yes a real plane) hit. He had left the building about an hour prior to the attack to attend a meeting that was scheduled well over a month prior to September 11th. Joe Sestak might be a lot of things, but part of the 9/11 conscipracy…no way.

  4. Keith says:

    Who would deny health care to a child, their senior citizen parents, or a veteran? Only a Republican.
    Toomey was clearly wobbled and had to backtrack on his Social Security, policy. The follow up punch was Sestak’s statement We the People, not We the Corporations which Toomey never countered. He only made it more apparent by pointing out how local firms supply jobs in China.
    Toomey could not precisley state one false characterization of him that Sestak has made, while Sestak three times noted specific lies or mis-characterizations Toomey has made. It was clear here who had integrity and who did not.
    If this was a fight it would have been stopped and Sestak declared the winner.

  5. hsr0601 says:

    A businessman is drowning in the ocean.
    Stimulus : we should rescue him immediately.
    Power first : Nope ! How do we pay for it. Just let him go under much like Lehman Brothers.
    Stimulus : He is dying right now.
    Power first : Nope ! You can’t save his money bag.
    Stimulus ( clock is ticking ) : : We can do everything.
    Power first : We are serious about jobs. Where are jobs ?

    Equation :

    Depression : New Deal = Great Recession : Stimulus Package (Groundwork) + Incomplete Energy Independence or A Jobs law

    The Problem = The destructive war & military waste + Stimulus Package
    Therefore = Incomplete Energy Independence or A Jobs law – The destructive war & military waste
    Criticism = Stimulus Package (Groundwork)
    Conclusion = Gambling on Iraq Oil + weapon sell Again + Double-dip Depression

    Cure = Slashing the destructive war & military waste + Completion of Energy Independence or A Jobs law

    Anger at These :
    Gambling on Iraq Oil Again : A Drop in the Bucket Vs. Growing Population & Demand World-wide. The Age of Cheap Oil = A Thing of the Past.
    1. At this time, it looks like the oil-friendly country is gambling on Iraq oil again, citing a big government & deficit, and therefore the world-wide stimulus package worth trillions and health care reform in America are now at stake.
    2. Of the money by the money for the money is getting a society nowhere near prosperity.
    Gambling on party of “no idea” is sure to be much like Throwing an Egg of Economy Against a Rock.
    The outcome of government take-over :
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    2. In healcare reform, the outcome of government take-over is to dump ill children when needed most.
    3. In oil spill, the administration should be held responsible for its deregulation, urging a big government
    Chanting deficit :
    1. Amid chanting deficit, the same old failed policy.
    2. Amid chanting deficit, hands-off approach over huge trade deficit from oil money spill & trade imbalance with China from remorseless health care premium.
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    4. Inaction cost in relation to health care reform totals $9trillion over the next decade.
    5. Over the next 10 years, total Bush tax cut costs will equal $3.9 trillion, …. the tax cuts would increase deficits by nearly $4 trillion between 2005 and 2014.
    The most critical debt : Personal Bankruptcy
    1. The current recession came from Personal Bankruptcy largely as a consequence of the relentless health care costs, pain at the pump, and the subsequent subprime mortgage crisis.
    Facing huge trade deficit from oil money spill & trade imbalance with China, the primary economic policy of previous administration was ” spending baby “to the great delight of republicans’ sponsors.
    2. By comparison, the recovered stock market value alone, around $1.5 trillion, is nearly twice as much as the stimulus package, set aside all the other benefits.
    As always, the republicans and unqualified media let folks locked in a box. ruling out the positive effects.
    The most promising deficit-cut of government : Slashing the destructive war & military waste
    1. Slashing the destructive war & military waste alone supposedly could be enough to balance the budget.
    Energy Independence : An Only Way to Desperately-Needed Job Growth
    1. My response to the question : where are jobs ?
    In the trade deficit, exactly in the severe and persistent oil money spill, taboo of ” do not add to the deficit” party.
    2. Under the existing Bush tax cut for lavish bonus parties, a sole job plan for the republicans, the country already saw millions of job cuts.

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